Discover Your Unique Ancestral Medicine

Inside each individual lies a special healing remedy, passed down through generations in their blood and bones. This ancestral medicine, when embraced and utilized wisely, holds the power to unlock abundance, joy, and a thriving business that resonates with your ideal clients. Join us on a transformative six-month journey, exclusively available by invitation. The inaugural cohort for the Ancestrally Rooted Medicine Program commences in December!

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Become an Ancestrally Rooted Master Intuitive 

The Ancestrally Rooted Master Intuitive Certification is a transformative six-month journey to deepen your ancestral medicine, healing, and intuitive skills. You will gain the expertise to conduct Ancestrally Rooted Healing sessions, offering your clients a unique pathway to profound transformation. This certification empowers you to unlock and understand the ancestral karmic stories of your clients, enabling swift and meaningful connections with their ancestors and yours. As a result, you will enhance your intuitive abilities, guiding clients to faster, more effective healing and goal achievement. Embrace this opportunity to become a catalyst for healing ancestral wounds and family traumas and step into your role as a skilled, transformative healer.

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Powerful Soul...


You stand at the threshold of a transformative experience that beckons you to unlock the ancient wisdom carried within your soul. Like a powerful pattern-breaker and community catalyst, you possess unique gifts, inherited through thousands of generations, waiting to be unleashed. Your deep longing to fulfill your Soul's Purpose and create an abundant life is not just a dream—it's your destiny.

As a Legacy Warrior, you navigate life's challenges with resilience, constantly rising above obstacles. Even if you don't yet perceive it, your Ancestors are with you, lending their strength and wisdom to bring the gifts of your lineage into the present. They hold the key to healing family patterns, enabling you and future generations to leave a significant mark on the world.

Are you ready to rise, supported by the spirit of your grandmothers, aunties, mothers, and sisters?

I am here to guide you on this incredible journey. As an Ancestress Story Healer and Ancestrally Rooted Intuitive, I bring over two decades of global experience helping individuals like you. My role as a Legacy Warrior and Business Intuitive is facilitating your breakthrough from Ancestral Karmic Stories, empowering you to embrace your Unique Ancestors Legacy Medicine. This journey will illuminate your path in life and business and prepare you to become a certified Ancestrally Rooted Master Intuitive. This certification combines your Ancestral Medicine, Healing, and Coaching specialty with a proven system for alleviating inherited burdens, offering your clients rapid and profound healing.

Your transformation awaits. Are you ready to thrive and shine, embracing the legacy uniquely yours? Join me, and let's embark on this extraordinary journey together.




What Others Are Saying...

Jennifer Urezzio
Founder of Soul Language

I'm so honored to have worked with Dr.  MoNique E Hunt. As a leader, it is hard sometimes to request support, and she creates a space of such peace and healing. The wisdom that I received from the ancestors through her was so powerful and provided instant transformation.

Anita Shannon

The healing work that Dr. Monique facilitates and engages in is among the most important work we can do for ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world. I know firsthand how effective acknowledging and healing ancestral trauma can be. While I’ve been blessed with good fortune, it has been her effective and all-encompassing guidance and coaching that allowed me relief of a lot of ‘baggage’ I’d felt spiritually but couldn’t articulate. Her gifts are as profound as she is gracious and kind. I am most thankful for such a soulful connection. My life is exponentially more purposed-filled. 

"An Ancestress Legacy Warrior is a remarkable woman who gracefully carries her lineage's ancestral wisdom and healing traditions. She uses this treasured knowledge with compassion and strength to create a meaningful and lasting impact in the world and within her family, forging a legacy that celebrates the past while nurturing the future."  
-Dr. MoNique

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