Fear to Freedom: Your Ancestrally Rooted Path to Abundance Awaits

Embark on a transformational seven-week journey from fear to abundance, grounded in the wisdom of your ancestral lineage.

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Tired of Putting Your Purpose on Hold?  

Fears inherited from your Ancestral Lineage might be unconsciously holding you back!


Embrace your divine calling as a healer, spiritual entrepreneur, and holistic practitioner, transcending the burdens of ancestral abandonment, rejection, self-doubt, and the scarcity mindset that hinders your progress.

Even those who radiate external success are touched by the echoes of Karmic Fears Stories woven through ancestral ties, but within you lies the power to break free and forge a path of boundless abundance and purpose.

Welcome to the journey of a lifetime. Immerse yourself in an enriching spiritual exploration where fear transforms into freedom, scarcity becomes abundance, and ancestral wisdom guides your path.

Unleash your potential with our Seven Week Fear to Freedom: An Ancestrally Rooted Path to Abundance Masterclass. Empower your life and your business and manifest the abundance you deserve.

It's Time To Share

Your Healing Magic and Ancestral Medicine with the World!

With Ancestral guidance, group support, and Dr. MoNique as your spiritual teacher and healer, you've found a safe place to dig deep, nurture your inner self, heal inherited fear stories, and shine your light in the world.






Expertly crafted to guide you toward confronting karmic fears tied to scarcity, poverty, abandonment, and any other hurdles obstructing your path to prosperity. Dive deep into your ancestral roots and break free from inherited negative patterns. 

You will learn how to:

  • Identify the Karmic Fear Stories in Your Lineage
  • Connect with Ancestors for your healing
  • Connect with your Ancestors for business guidance and support
  • Invite your Ancestral Business Council to help you courageously standout in your business
  • Release Karmic Fear Stories so you can align with your soul's calling as a healer and spiritual entrepreneur 

It's time to release the past, embrace the future and embody the unique healing wisdom in your lineage.

Ancestral Forgiveness  to Release Present-Day Wounds 


WEEK 1 & 2 - Heal Scarcity Wounds and Connect with your Wise Ancestors


Unburdening the Past:  Forgiveness and Ancestral Healing.  When we help our Ancestors forgive for past wounds and traumas, we heal ourselves. 

Sacred Lineage:  Embrace Ancestral Connections for Healing and Guidance - Learn rituals and practices to connect with your Ancestral Guides. 

Invite your ascended Ancestors to partner with you to heal wounds in your lineage.


WEEKS 3 &4 - Rituals and Spiritual Practices for Healing


Together, we will embark on a journey of discovery and healing, using your Ancestral Altar as a powerful tool for guidance and connection.

Learn how to join forces with your healthy ancestors to heal the wounds of your ancestors who have suffered.

Learn Spiritual Practices to Heal Ancestral Fear Wounds - These practices are quick, easy, and transformational

Embrace and Empower: Healing Ancestral Abandonment 


WEEK 5 - Release Abandonment and Rejection 

The understanding of these ancient wounds is a profound step towards liberating yourself from unseen bonds that tether you to fear and insecurity.

Unveiling Your Radiance: Ancestral Visibility and Courage Karmic Story Healing


WEEK 6 - Embrace Your Ancestral Medicine 

Unveiling Your Radiance: Ancestral Visibility and Courage Story Healing

Ancestral Wisdom Unveiled: Channeled Messages and Guided Insights from the Ancestors


WEEK 7 - Ancestral Story Healing - Manifesting with your Ancestors' Support and Guidance

Private Session - Dr. MoNique will channel messages directly from your Ancestors to support you in creating abundance in all areas of your life.  

Mindset and Manifesting Abundance - Your New Path


Bonus Week - Mindset and Manifesting

Unlocking the Flow: Ancestral Abundance Healing for Prosperous Manifestation

Your Fear to Freedom Journey


Embark on a life-changing adventure with "Fear to Freedom: An Ancestrally Rooted Path to Abundance."¬† This incredible seven-week program is your personal invitation to break free from fear and step into a world of abundance, all while tapping into the ancient wisdom of your ancestors. Through a perfect blend of self-discovery and interactive sessions, you'll delve deep into spiritual rituals and practices that illuminate the hidden fears and self-doubts holding you back. Discover the magic of partnering with your ancestors and watch as manifesting your dreams becomes a breeze. Join us on this transformative journey today ‚Äď it's time to unlock your limitless potential!


Fear to Freedom: An Ancestrally Rooted Path to Abundance is an empowering seven-week program that invites you on a transformational journey from fear to abundance, grounded in the wisdom of your ancestral lineage. With a combination of self-study and interactive sessions, this course facilitates your exploration into spiritual rituals and practices to navigate the deepest parts of your being, shedding light on hidden fears and self-limiting beliefs. When you partner with your Ancestors, Manifesting becomes easier!


Fear to Freedom is expertly crafted to guide you toward uncovering and confronting karmic fears tied to scarcity, poverty, and any other hurdles obstructing your path to prosperity and personal growth. You'll dive deep into your ancestral roots to understand, address, and heal generational wounds, breaking free from the bonds of inherited negative patterns. Learn Ancestrally Rooted Manifestation techniques. 


Your Ancestrally Rooted Healing From Fear to Freedom journey begins with a four-week independent study program to establish a strong foundation for your healing. Here, you will learn to attune to your inner wisdom and prepare yourself for the profound Ancestral Soul Journey that lies ahead. The spiritual practices and healing meditations will open the ancestral portal for deep healing. We will kick off your first week with an Ancestral Wisdom Session. 


Week 5 and 6, you will experience two transformative Ancestral Story Healing Soul Journeys. These are healing sessions where you, along with others, will walk the path of your lineage, confronting and mending inherited patterns of fear, scarcity, and limitation. These experiential journeys allow for the release of old stories that no longer serve you while revealing the inherent strength, resilience, and wisdom passed down through generations. You will receive manifestation practices and rituals to help you increase your abundance vibration. Attract clients, relationships, and abundance!


Finally, you will participate in an Ancestral Story Healing and Manifestation session with Dr. MoNique, a seasoned spiritual intuitive, channel, and mentor who will channel messages from your ancestors. This immersive session will provide guidance, clarity, and inspiration, bridging the gap between the past, present, and future.


By the end of this Masterclass, you will have a newfound understanding of yourself and your lineage and the tools to shift your mindset and manifest a life of abundance. Embark on this ancestral journey and discover a path to freedom, abundance, and fulfillment that's deeply rooted in the wisdom of your ancestors.

I'M Dr. MoNique.

Your Ancestress Story Healing Guide

I am Dr. MoNique, your soul journey guide, and spiritual teacher. I am delighted to have you here in my virtual village. As you explore Ancestress Story Healing to heal Ancestral Fear Stories and Burdens, I hope you feel the warmth and love I have poured into every word.

My mission is to help healers, spiritual entrepreneurs, and coaches share their unique Ancestral Medicine with more people. 

As an Ancestress Story Healing expert, I have been gifted with the unique ability to connect with your most aligned and powerful Ancestresses to access ancient wisdom, healing stories, and tools in your lineage to help you boldly share your gifts in the world.  

My journey as a spiritual teacher and healer has been extremely gratifying. I am honored to have witnessed the transformation of many incredible women worldwide.

Ancestrally Rooted Healers is a sacred space where we unite to activate, empower, and support one another on our journey to abundance.

Through Karmic Story Healing, mindset shifts, energetic transformations, intuitive strategies, and a loving connection to our Ancestors, I’ve seen incredible results in our lives. Our income has increased, and we feel more whole and open to life. We have learned to allow abundance into all areas of our lives and are committed to sharing our gifts with the world.

As you explore Fear to Freedom: An Ancestrally Rooted Path to Abundance, I hope you feel inspired to step into your power and create an abundant life aligned with your deepest desires.

We are all on this journey together, and I am honored to walk alongside you.

With love and gratitude,

Dr. MoNique

From Stuck to Visible

"My Ancestress Story Healing session created a shift in me that moved me from feeling stuck to openly sharing my coaching offer with people who previously intimated with me." 

Lauren Hall

She Released Abandonment Stories

"Releasing the weight of years of abandonment stories helped me create a deeper relationship with myself, my partner, and my clients."  Emily B

IS THE Fear to Freedom Program RIGHT FOR YOU?


Are you seeking answers to questions that seem intangible?
Do you often find yourself in repetitive patterns, fearful, and stuck?
Perhaps you've noticed that, despite all your efforts, something appears to be holding you back.
It might be time to consider that these blockages could be inherited fears and limiting beliefs that are not yours.


Understand this: we carry the experiences, traumas, fears, and beliefs of our ancestors within us, often subconsciously. Due to historical oppression, trauma, and poverty, certain groups may find these ancestral echoes particularly loud. Even if you've never personally experienced significant trauma, you may still bear the energetic imprint of inherited fear.


What does this mean for you? These unknown, unconscious, and inherited fears can leave you feeling incomplete, always striving, and never quite reaching your full potential. If you're a healer, this fear can create walls between you and those you're destined to help. Ancestral FEARS block your flow of ABUNDANCE!


If any of these resonate with you, then yes, this program is designed for you. It aims to acknowledge, identify, and clear these unconscious blocks, enabling you to experience life in exciting, fulfilling new ways. It’s time to shake off these ancestral fears of judgment, criticism, and vulnerability. It is time to do the work you dream of doing helping the people who need the unique transformational services you have to offer! 


The Fear to Freedom program can assist you in:


  • Releasing your unconscious blocks and inherited fears.
  • Awakening your true potential, encouraging you to become who you really are.
  • Rethink¬†your beliefs around your purpose.
  • Connect with your Ancestral Healing team who is ready to help you soar in your business.
  • Developing newfound courage to shine your light and trust in yourself.
  • Letting go of inherited fears of judgment, criticism, vulnerability, and more.
  • My¬†mission is to free you from all sources of fear that tell vicious lies about who you are and enable you to step confidently and joyfully align with your Soul's Purpose and truth.¬†


At a limited offer of $1497, we invite you to join us on this transformative journey. Enroll now in the Fear to Freedom Program and prepare to rediscover your purpose and create lasting change in your life.


Release Ancestral Fear, Boldly Claim your Ancestral Healers Medicine, and Shine Your Unique Light in the World!

Fear to Freedom: An Ancestrally Rooted Path to Abundance


Best deal!

  • Immediate access to¬† the weekly Healing Ancestral Fear¬†course¬†filled with spiritual practices, rituals, healing meditations, and lessons to help you connect with your Ancestors (First Four Weeks)
  • Two¬†Ancestral Story Healing Soul Journeys¬†
  • Two Ancestrally Rooted Healing Sessions with Dr. MoNique ($997 Value)¬†¬†
  • Spiritual Practices and Rituals to connect with your Ancestors for healing and guidance
  • Ancestral Karmic Fear Story Healing Audios
  • Soul Journey Meditations to Connect with Your Ancestors
  • Ancestral Altar Creation Guide

Your Fear Healing Journey can begin today!