Ascended and Astral Ancestors

May 30, 2024

Hear the profound messages from the Ancestors about Ascended and Astral Ancestors. This master class was particularly meaningful as I dedicated it to my beloved Auntie Candy, who passed away early Wednesday morning. Although I initially considered canceling the class, I allowed the Ancestors to channel their messages through me, embracing their guidance and wisdom.

During the class, we explored:

  • The differences between Ascended and Astral Ancestors and their unique roles in our spiritual journeys.
  • The optimal times and methods to connect with each type of ancestor for maximum guidance and healing.
  • Healing unresolved stories and traumas with the help of your Astral Ancestors.
  • Integrating ancestral wisdom into your business to stand out and thrive in your niche.

Additionally, I performed a powerful activation to help your Astral Ancestors ascend into the light, creating a profound sense of healing and peace.

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