Discover the Prosperity Formula with Pamela Plick and Dr. MoNique

Dec 06, 2023



Have you ever felt like an invisible barrier is holding you back in your financial journey? You're not alone. Many coaches, healers, and spiritual entrepreneurs struggle with what I call "Ancestral Karmic Scarcity Stories" - a deeply ingrained pattern inherited from our lineage that often blocks our path to prosperity. It's a common pain point, yet rarely addressed in traditional financial planning. 


That's precisely why this video is a must-see. I've teamed up with Pamela Plick, a renowned CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, to bring you "The Prosperity Formula: 5 Steps to More Abundance in Your Business and Life." This isn't just another workshop. It's a transformative experience where spirituality meets practical financial strategies tailored specifically for people like you who are ready to break free from ancestral financial limitations and step into a world of abundance. 

  •  **Deep Insights into Ancestral Influence**: Understand how your family's past financial experiences shape your current financial reality. 
  •  **Actionable Strategies**: Learn practical steps to intertwine spiritual practices with sound business strategies, creating a unique pathway to prosperity. 


Our talk catalyzes a profound shift in your financial and spiritual journey. Don't let ancestral patterns dictate your future any longer. Take control and join us in unraveling the secrets to a prosperous life and business.

Click Play and enjoy the discussion! 

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