Breaking Free from Ancestral Shadows: The Impact of Abandonment Karma

Oct 16, 2023

Have you ever felt that inexplicable sense of abandonment that doesn't align with your life's current events? Like a shadow from the past, lingering, nudging, affecting how you perceive relationships, life, and even your business? You're not alone, and it might not just be about you.


Our ancestors lived rich, varied lives. They loved, lost, laughed, cried, and carried stories - some uplifting, some heartbreaking. One such story embedded in many lineages is "Abandonment." This Karmic Story handed down from generation to generation, can seep into our consciousness, affecting our mindset and perception of abundance.


In the business realm, this might manifest as a fear of being left behind, hesitation in trusting partners, or even a pervasive feeling of not being 'enough' for your clientele. In personal life? It might be the subtle fear that our loved ones will leave or that we're somehow inherently unlovable.


But here's the uplifting part: Awareness is the first step to healing.


By acknowledging the influence of these ancestral stories, we can begin to differentiate between what's truly ours and what's an ancestral burden handed down. This differentiation can be the gateway to healing, allowing us to rewrite our narrative, free from the wounds of the past.


So, if you ever feel that tug of abandonment, pause. Reflect. Dive deep into your ancestral stories, and remember – every generation has the power to turn the page and start a new chapter.


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