Ask Dr. MoNique - Ancestral wounds or my baggage?

Jul 13, 2022


I am frequently asked: "How do I know if it's my trauma playing out in my life or my Ancestors' wounds? How do I know what is my baggage and what is inherited?

My Answer: It's always BOTH. Until healed, your Ancestral wounds will influence your decisions and actions consciously and unconsciously. When you face a challenge in your life, all of the experiences of your Ancestors, both good and challenging, will come forward.  

When we connect with your Ancestresses in the Ancestress Story Healing process, you will learn to develop your spiritual gifts and know what generational patterns are playing in the background of your life. You can then pass them back to your Ancestors to handle them.  

Partnering with the Ancestresses in your lineage, you will experience your healing and your Ancestors' healing because you will do it together.

Ancestress Story Healing and Empowerment is my calling, gift, and deep love. I delight in watching my clients and their families transform generations of Karmic Stories. During the process, we will uncover, dismantle and heal the unseen pain and trauma that affects everything we do. However, Ancestress Story Healing is more than discovering the wounds; it is about honoring and partnering with our Ancestresses - Grandmothers, Aunties, and Mothers in spirit form who can provide us with a source of strength, courage, and wisdom to live our dreams. It also includes manifestation techniques to help you SHINE using your Soul's Purpose and inherited ancient spiritual gifts passed to you from multiple generations of Ancestresses.

And yes, material gain and abundance will happen as a result of your new partnership – your Ancestors like that too! My sweet spot is helping you wake up daily knowing you are fulfilling your purpose while living and building a family, community, or business legacy.

Enrollment in the Ancestress Legacy Warrior Program starts soon! Join the high-achieving women entrepreneurs, healers, and intuitive leaders who are clearing Ancestral Wounds and creating new pathways to success for themselves and their families.


I love this work!

I love the Ancestors!

I love the results!

I love my clients!

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