Ancestress Altar Ceremony - Clearing Shame Guided Journey

altar ceremony ancestral healing ancestress ancestress business healing dr. monique family patterns shame May 31, 2022

Shame is an unbearable feeling of humiliation or anguish caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior. Shame is an unpleasant feeling that is a combination of remorse, disgrace, and a lack of self-love. People often feel Shame and guilt are interchangeable. Some feel Shame and guilt are the same. Guilt is doing something wrong, whereas Shame comes with stronger emotions because you know what you are doing is bad at the core. 

 Shame is often fear-based and frequently includes feelings of being unworthy and unlovable. People who suffer from Shame feel inadequate and undeserving, and despised. Shame can be destructive and create blocks in your life.

 Before you begin, write one Shame story from your life that you would like to release on a sheet of paper. During the journey, you will give the story to your Ancestress for healing. Your Ancestress will also have a healing tool that she will share with you to help you heal Shame stories.  

This guided journey is not a replacement for help from a medical professional.  

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