Ancestress Altar Ceremony - Clearing Fear

Apr 11, 2022


Light a candle. Grab a pen and paper. Hit play and enjoy a session to help clear Karmic Fear Stories.  Stay to the end to experience a guided journey to connect with your Ancestresses to help you continue healing Fear Stories in your lineage. 

Fear is one of the eight Karmic Stories experienced by people worldwide. If your ancestors had a terrifying experience, new research shows your genes might have a memory of the trauma built into them, and you may fear the same event will happen to you. In ancient times, healers were persecuted, stoned, burned, and forbidden to share their gifts. In some cases, jealous members of the community would encourage others to reject them from the tribe or village.   

According to science, there's no doubt that terrifying experiences also change our gene expression. The behavior of our genes changes with our experiences. What happens to us in life changes the way our genes behave – this is called gene expression. What you do, what you eat, how you exercise, the people you associate with, and even the music you listen to alter your gene expression. Scientists have recently claimed that terrifying experiences get built into your genes and can be passed on as an inherited fear to offspring and future generations.   

We can clear the Karmic Fear Stories from our lineage and life using Ancestress Story Healing. In this ceremony, you will experience a guided Ancestress Journey to help you connect with the Ancestresses that want to support you. 

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