Ancestress Altar Ceremony - Clearing Abandonment Wounds

ancestral healing ancestress business healing dr. monique family patterns generational wound healing your quantum garden Jun 12, 2022

Take a guided journey to your Quantum Garden. We each have our personal quantum garden where our dreams can be planted; how you use the garden is a choice. What you grow in your garden depends on your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

Ancestral Abandonment wounds can impact your business, relationships, and how your express your Soul's Purpose. In this video, I will take you on a spiritual journey to partner with your Ancestresses in the Quantum Garden to clear Abandonment Wounds from your family lineage.

Your Ancestresses will assist you no matter your vision, thoughts, or beliefs. And when you create a partnership, they will help you release thoughts, ideas, and ancestral wounds blocking your vision.

Enjoy the journey!


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