Release Ancestral Burdens in Your Life & Business 

Embrace Your Roots, Transform Your Present, and Empower Your Future with the Ancestress Story Healing Journey

For intuitive coaches, healers, and spiritual teachers, ready to serve abundantly....


Activate your ancestral lineage's power and wisdom.


Ancestress Story Healing is a powerful spiritual journey that allows you to partner with your ancestors to heal ancestral wounds and karmic stories that may be blocking your gifts.  By tapping into the wisdom and guidance of your ancestral lineage, you'll clear the path for your inherited gifts and ancestral medicine to shine through, leading to greater abundance and fulfillment in your life and business.

Your Ancestress Story Healing Journey connects you with and learns from the wisdom of the women in your ancestral lineage.

This journey involves exploring and honoring the experiences and healing traditions of your grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and other female ancestors to heal and create a life of abundance, purpose, and fulfillment.

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Heal Ancestress Wounds

Release the burden of ancestral wounds and unhealed family stories that may be preventing you from fulfilling your Soul's purpose, sharing your gifts in the world, and earning more money.

Access Ancestress Wisdom 

Tap into a rich source of knowledge and wisdom that can help you understand and heal the patterns and experiences that have been passed down through generations.

Fulfill Your Purpose

Embrace the wisdom and strength of your ancestresses to break free from limiting beliefs and patterns and create a legacy that fulfills your Soul’s purpose. Reclaim your inherited gifts.


Start your Ancestress Story Healing Journey today and unlock the power and healing wisdom of your ancestral lineage!

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Your unhealed female ancestors have a desire to safeguard you, but their intervention might be an interference.

As a leader, entrepreneur, or healer bringing your business and expertise to the online space, you may find that family stories surface. Fears of not having enough experience, fear of failure, or even success can prevent you from moving forward. Your personal experiences are shaped by your fears, beliefs, mindset, inherited wounds, and cultural trauma. 

Ancestresses in your lineage may carry old wounds from being healers, leaders, intuitives or medicine women. These Ancestresses while good meaning, might be protecting you from fully utilizing your spiritual power.  They may carry abandonment, betrayal, poverty, fear, and abuse wounds that need healing.  As spiritual business owners, healers, and coaches, it's crucial to recognize and heal these wounds so we can step fully into our power and serve at our highest level.

When we heal our Ancestress wounds, we create a ripple effect that transforms not only our own lives but also the lives of those around us.

Your Ancestress Story Healing Guide

I am Dr. MoNique, your soul journey guide and spiritual teacher.  I am delighted to have you here in my virtual village.  As you explore Ancestress Story Healing and Ancestress Rising, I hope you feel the warmth and love I have poured into every word.

My mission is to help healers, spiritual business owners, spiritual teachers, and coaches share their unique Ancestral Medicine with more people. 

As an Ancestress Story Healing expert, I have been gifted with the unique ability to connect with your most aligned and powerful Ancestresses to access ancient wisdom, healing stories, and tools in your lineage to help you boldly share your gifts in the world.  

My journey as a spiritual teacher and healer has been extremely gratifying. I am honored to have witnessed the transformation of many incredible women worldwide.

Ancestress Rising is a sacred space where we unite to activate, empower, and support one another on our journey to abundance.

Through Karmic Story Healing, mindset shifts, energetic transformations, and intuitive strategies, and a loving connection to our Ancestors, I’ve seen incredible results in our lives. Our income has increased, and we feel more whole and open to life. We have learned to allow abundance into all areas of our lives and are committed to sharing our gifts with the world.

As you explore Ancestress Story Healing, I hope you feel inspired to step into your power and create an abundant life aligned with your deepest desires.

We are all on this journey together, and I am honored to walk alongside you.

With love and gratitude,

Dr. MoNique

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Previous participants have reported:

Her Highest Income Month Every!

"Right after my first session, I felt an instant release, and I was able to attract two new clients to my premium coaching program, making it my best month ever."

From Stuck to Visible

"During my Ancestress Story Healing session, I experienced a shift that enabled me to confidently share my coaching offer with those who previously intimidated me."

She Released Abandonment Stories

"Releasing the weight of years of abandonment stories helped me create a deeper relationship with myself, my partner, and my clients."

Her Ancestresses enhance her healing gifts

"During my Ancestress Story Healing session, I met Alara, an ancestress who helped women heal from difficult childbirth over 100 years ago.  I am a midwife and now tap into her wisdom and guidance when working with clients experiencing birthing challenges."

She Healed Ancestral Poverty Wounds

"Before working with Dr. MoNique, I had no desire to connect with my Ancestors. During the first session, I connected with my ancestors and identified why I was experiencing so many challenges with money and attracting clients. The Soul Journeys, rituals, and journaling exercises helped me release my family’s money wounds. I experienced my highest income month ever. "

She Healed Betrayal Stories

"During my first session, an Ancestress helped Dr. MoNique heal a grandmother in my lineage who was betrayed by women in her village. I instant felt relief from my own betrayal wounds."

She Feels Aligned with Her Purpose

"During my Ancestress Story Healing session, one of my Ancestress told me I was one of thousands of healers in my family. She helped me heal my fear of being seen so that I could be the healer that I've always wanted to be."

Are you ready to embark on a magical, transformative journey with your Ancestresses?


Let me tell you about the amazing things you will experience during your Ancestress Story Healing Journey:




Your Ancestress Story Healing Virtual Retreat

Join me on Zoom for your private Ancestress Story Healing Retreat.
For two hours, we will connect with and receive healing wisdom from your Ancestors. 

As your Soul Journey Guide and Spiritual Teacher, I will connect with the wise women healers, intuitives, spiritual teachers, and creatives in your lineage who are eager to support you.  You'll receive their ancient wisdom and healing energy channeled through me as your Ancestresses - grandmothers, mothers, and aunties identify the Karmic Stories that need healing in your family lineage. You will be guided through special rituals and practices to help you access the unique medicine that lies within your ancestral heritage. By healing these karmic stories, you will unlock your full potential to create abundance, expand your consciousness, and positively impact the world. You will receive healing and wisdom directly from your Ancestral Council! 



Your Healing Journey Continues

For the next three weeks, you will implement the teachings, spiritual practices, and rituals you received during the retreat. You will have access to the recording of your retreat which will include a Soul Journey Healing Meditation, journaling exercises, altar ceremonies and energy clearing activations. These tools will help you align with the guidance and wisdom of your healthy, ascended ancestors to continue your healing. During the tree weeks, we will check in to see how you are doing and adjust your practices and rituals if needed.  You will deepen your connection to your ancestral lineage and receive ongoing support as you continue your healing journey.



Your Ancestress Wisdom Integration Session

You will receive an Ancestress Wisdom Integration session four weeks following your first session. During this session, we will connect with the Ancestress most aligned with your work as a healer, intuitive, coach, transformational leader, spiritual teacher, or a spiritual business owner. You can ask your Ancestress questions and receive additional guidance for your healing journey and insights for your business or career. You will learn which Ancestress is aligned with your business mission and goals so that you can build an ongoing relationship with her that will help you soar in your purpose, share your work in the world, create a legacy filled with greater abundance.  It's like having a wise, loving mentor from beyond the veil!


Are you excited? I know I am! Your Ancestress Story Healing Journey is a powerful opportunity to work privately with me to heal and grow on a deep, soul level.

Let's get started!


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