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Ancestral Story Healing Intensive

Are you ready to embark on a magical, transformative journey with your Ancestral Council?


Let me tell you about the amazing things you will experience during your Ancestress Story Healing Intensive:




Your Ancestral Story Healing Virtual Intensive

Release Ancestral Burdens: The Ancestress Story Healing Intensive


Step into a private, immersive session via Zoom where the echoes of your lineage come alive.

We'll bridge the present with the past for 90 minutes, tapping into your ancestors' profound insights and healing wisdom for deep and immediate growth.


With me as your Ancestrally Rooted Intuitive and Spiritual Mentor, we'll journey together, inviting the luminous women of your lineage—those revered healers, intuitive seers, spiritual mentors, and passionate creatives—who are ardently awaiting to empower you. Bask in their timeless wisdom and restorative energies channeled through our connection.


Witness firsthand as the matriarchs of your family—the grandmothers, mothers, and cherished aunties—illuminate those Karmic Stories that seek healing. Whether they're tales of abandonment, betrayal, or other deep-seated emotions, our session will introduce you to tailored rituals and practices crafted to unveil the innate healing essence rooted in your ancestral heritage.


By addressing and healing these karmic narratives, you open the doors wide to an enriched life of abundance, heightened awareness, and the power to be a beacon of positive change in the world.

Prepare to be enlightened, healed, and inspired directly in the presence of your Ancestral Council.

Join me, and let's co-create this transformative experience together.



Your Healing Intensive Continues

Deepening Your Healing Journey: An Ongoing Commitment


As your Healing Intensive evolves, the upcoming three weeks promise an enriching continuation of your transformative experience. Immerse yourself in the teachings, spiritual exercises, and sacred rituals that were uniquely crafted during your intensive. Your personalized recording, featuring the Soul Journey Healing Meditation, reflective journaling prompts, altar ceremonies, and energy-igniting activations, will be readily accessible to guide you.

These invaluable resources are designed to perfectly align you with the insights and wisdom of your ascended ancestors, facilitating sustained healing. Throughout this period, we'll remain in close contact, ensuring you're progressing seamlessly. If necessary, we'll fine-tune your practices to resonate even more deeply with your journey. This ongoing engagement ensures that your bond with your ancestral lineage strengthens, providing unwavering support as you journey onward in healing and growth.



Your Ancestral Wisdom Integration Session

Your Gateway to Ancestral Enlightenment: The Wisdom Integration Session


Four weeks after embarking on your initial transformative journey, immerse yourself in the Ancestral Wisdom Integration session. This session is an opportunity to connect more deeply with those Ancestors intricately linked to your goals, and life vision and aligned to your work as a healer, intuitive, coach, or spiritual entrepreneur.


Channeled messages from your Ancestors to your most pressing questions will assist with your personal and professional healing journey.   You will meet the specific Ancestors eager to support your life and business vision. You will learn techniques to foster a continued bond with the Ancestors you meet during the session. This relationship promises to elevate your purpose, amplify your impact in the world, and carve a legacy brimming with abundance. It's akin to having a mentor with timeless wisdom guiding you from realms beyond our own.