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Ancestress Story Healing Journey

Are you ready to embark on a magical, transformative journey with your Ancestresses?


Let me tell you about the amazing things you will experience during your Ancestress Story Healing Journey:




Your Ancestress Story Healing Virtual Retreat

Join me on Zoom for your private Ancestress Story Healing Retreat.
For two hours, we will connect with and receive healing wisdom from your Ancestors. 

As your Soul Journey Guide and Spiritual Teacher, I will connect with the wise women healers, intuitives, spiritual teachers, and creatives in your lineage who are eager to support you. You'll receive their ancient wisdom, and healing energy channeled through me as your Ancestresses - grandmothers, mothers, and aunties identify the Karmic Stories that need healing in your family lineage. You will be guided through special rituals and practices to help you access the unique medicine that lies within your ancestral heritage. By healing these karmic stories, you will unlock your full potential to create abundance, expand your consciousness, and positively impact the world. You will receive healing and wisdom directly from your Ancestral Council! 



Your Healing Journey Continues

For the next three weeks, you will implement the teachings, spiritual practices, and rituals you received during the retreat. You will have access to the recording of your retreat, including a Soul Journey Healing Meditation, journaling exercises, altar ceremonies, and energy-clearing activations. These tools will help you align with the guidance and wisdom of your healthy, ascended ancestors to continue your healing. During the three weeks, we will check in to see how you are doing and adjust your practices and rituals if needed. You will deepen your connection to your ancestral lineage and receive ongoing support as you continue your healing journey.



Your Ancestress Wisdom Integration Session

You will receive an Ancestress Wisdom Integration session four weeks following your first session. During this session, we will connect with the Ancestress most aligned with your work as a healer, intuitive, coach, transformational leader, spiritual teacher, or a spiritual business owner. You can ask your Ancestress questions and receive additional guidance for your healing journey and insights for your business or career. You will learn which Ancestress is aligned with your business mission and goals to build an ongoing relationship with her that will help you soar in your purpose, share your work in the world, and create a legacy filled with greater abundance. It's like having a wise, loving mentor from beyond the veil!


 *All sales are final. The Ancestress Story Healing Journey is not a substitute for professional medical care.