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Healing Ancestral Poverty Stories - Four Week Course

Did you know that your Ancestors' sufferings, gifts, strengths, traumas, & heartaches are embedded in your DNA?

You may be unconsciously reliving their stories! 

Your Ancestors' poverty stories impact your ability to create abundance in all areas of your life. The good news is your Ancestors' stories of courage, wisdom, resilience, and strength are in your blood and bones, too!


During the Healing Poverty Wounds Four-Week course, you will:


Week 1: Connect with Your Wise Ancestors:

Your healthy and healed ancestors can guide and support you in releasing current, past, and ancestral stories of poverty. Learn techniques to connect with your ancestors daily.




Week 2: Claim Your Ancestral Blessings - Pre-recorded Workshop 

During this Workshop, you will connect with the Ancestors ready to help you heal past, current, and Ancestral Poverty Stories. The Soul Journey Meditation will help you receive wisdom and guidance from your Ancestors.




Week 3: Clear and Heal Intergenerational Poverty and Scarcity Karmic Stories:


You will experience meditation journeys to help you clear Ancestral Poverty Stories and help you heal your abundance blocks. 

You will learn techniques and spiritual practices to help you release past experiences, emotions, and stories that prevent you from enjoying abundance in all areas of your life – Relationships, Business, Finances, and Opportunities.  





Week 4: Create Your Abundance Vision for the Future 

Align with your vision and enlist support from your Ancestors with guided journeys. You will create your 90-day Abundance Goal.




What you'll get:

  • Immediate Access to the Workshop in the private portal

  • Ancestor Altar Guide and Support with Creating a Sacred Space to Connect with Your Ancestors

  • Claim Your Ancestral Blessings - Pre-recorded Workshop

  • Three Poverty Clearing Meditation Audios

  • Create Your Vision - Meditation and Guide

You will have full 90-day Access to all course materials. 




Would you like a more profound and rapid Karmic Story Healing experience that includes direct communication with your wise Ancestors?


Add an Ancestral StoryClearing - Private Session with Dr. MoNique. - $247 ($597 Value)  (***One time only special with the purchase of the Healing Poverty Stories Course.***)  

Poverty Story Healing for past, current, and Ancestral Stories.

  • Receive an advanced Ancestrally Rooted Karmic Story Healing Session with channeled guidance from your Ancestors in this private session. We will connect with your Ancestors to clear and release the stories that prevent you from experiencing abundance in all areas of your life. 

  • Learn the spiritual practices, rituals, and actions your Ancestors recommend to experience the life you want. 

  • These channeled sessions are held by phone or Zoom.


  • If YES, Click "Yes! Add Ancestral Story Healing- Private Session."


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What People Are Saying:

The healing work that Dr. Monique facilitates and engages in is among the most important work we can do for ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world. I know firsthand how effective acknowledging and healing ancestral trauma can be. While I’ve been blessed with good fortune, it has been her effective and all-encompassing guidance and coaching that allowed me relief of a lot of ‘baggage’ I’d felt spiritually but couldn’t articulate. Her gifts are as profound as she is gracious and kind. I am most thankful for such a soulful connection. My life is exponentially more purposed-filled.

Anita Shannon