$297.00 USD

Accelerate your Ancestress Story Healing Journey

Include a private Ancestress Story Healing Session with Dr. MoNique. We will connect with your healing and business Ancestresses to help you release additional Ancestral Wounds and realign with your inherited gifts. You will receive spiritual practices and a guided journey channeled from your Ancestors to help you enter into your quantum garden so you can make a quantum leap in your business and life. 

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Heal Ancestral Business Wounds


Partner with your Business Ancestress and Unleash your full Soul's Purpose in the world!


Your Ancestresses – Healers, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Creators, and Creatives- are ready to assist you with achieving what they didn't.

They are waiting for you to connect with them so they can support you in fulfilling your Soul's Purpose to help more people and create abundance in all areas of your life.

Your Ancestress is ready to empower you with spiritual skills to help you overcome energetic and mindset barriers to success.   


 Heal Ancestress Business Wounds - Four Week Course


During this Four - Week Course:

  •  Uncover your number one Karmic Story in your lineage that is blocking your abundance in business.
  •  Receive the Activation Bundle, which includes weekly Ancestress StoryHealing Activations and Soul Journeys to start your Karmic Story Clearing and connect with your lineage's Ancestress.
  •  Learn how to connect with the Ancestresses in your lineage that can help you make a quantum leap in your business.

How it works:

  •  You will receive a guide to help you uncover your number one Karmic Story.
  •  To begin your Ancestress Story Healing, you will receive weekly emails with Activations, Spiritual Practices, and Soul Journeys.
  •  You will receive an Ancestress Soul Journey to connect with your Ancestress Business Guide.
  •  During the program, you will receive remote activations to help clear the Karmic Stories.


This program is for you if:

★ You are a Spiritual Entrepreneur, Healers, Intuitive Leader, or Coach ready to make a quantum leap in your business by releasing generational wounds and hidden trauma.

★ You want support from the wise Ancestors who have gifts, support, and guidance to help you align with your purpose and courageously impact the world.

★ You want to leave a legacy for your community, family, or children.

★ You are tired and frustrated with where you are in your life and business and want a significant breakthrough.

★ You know you have something incredible to share and want to help more people with your gifts (even if you don't know what they are yet).

If your answer is yes, then YES, this course is for you!




Included in this course:

  • Week One - Uncover Your Hidden Karmic Business Stories- Live Mini-Course
  • Week Two - Connect with the Ancestress, ready to help you with the spiritual skills needed to claim your Ancestral Inheritance and spiritual gifts. – Audio Recording
  • Week Three - Receive a spiritual activation to help clear the Karmic Story you selected.
  • Week Four - Live Session - Meet Your Ancestress Business Team