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Fear to Freedom: Ancestrally Rooted Path to Abundance

Fear to Freedom: An Ancestrally Rooted Path to Abundance is an empowering seven-week program that invites you on a transformational journey from fear to abundance, grounded in the wisdom of your ancestral lineage. With a combination of self-study and interactive sessions, this course facilitates your exploration into spiritual rituals and practices to navigate the deepest parts of your being, shedding light on hidden fears and self-limiting beliefs.


Fear to Freedom is expertly crafted to help you uncover and confront karmic fears tied to scarcity, poverty, and any other hurdles obstructing your path to prosperity and personal growth. You'll dive deep into your ancestral roots to understand, address, and heal generational wounds, breaking free from the bonds of inherited negative patterns.

Included in your journey:


  • This course begins with a four-week independent study module: Ancestress Story Healing - Releasing Karmic Fear Stories From Your Life and Lineage to establish a strong foundation of understanding. Here, you will learn to attune to your inner wisdom and prepare yourself for the profound Ancestral Soul Journey that lies ahead.   

  • We will begin your journey with an Ancestral story Healing Session, during which we will connect with the Ancestors who are available and ready to support you.  




  • Two Transformative Recorded Ancestral Story Healing Soul Journeys. These healing sessions involve walking the path of your lineage with others, confronting and mending inherited patterns of fear, scarcity, and limitation. These experiential journeys allow you to release old stories that no longer serve you while revealing the inherent strength, resilience, and wisdom passed down through generations.



  • Finally, you will participate in Dr. MoNique's signature Ancestrally Rooted Wisdom Circle with your Ancestors, Angels, and Spirit Guides.  Dr. MoNique, a seasoned spiritual guide, and mentor, channels messages from your ancestors. This immersive session will provide guidance, clarity, and inspiration, bridging the gap between the past, present, and future.


By the end of this Masterclass, you will have a newfound understanding of yourself and your lineage and the tools to shift your mindset and manifest a life of abundance.

Embark on this ancestral journey and discover a path to freedom, abundance, and fulfillment that's deeply rooted in the wisdom of your ancestors.




[ We highly appreciate your active involvement in our program and strive to ensure your utmost satisfaction. Should you encounter any concerns, we strongly encourage you to contact our dedicated Ancestrally Rooted Team, who will be delighted to assist. We kindly advise you to thoroughly evaluate whether this program aligns with your specific needs, as all purchases are final, and no refunds will be granted.]