Mindset and Manifestation - Heal Ancestral Burdens to Manifest with Ease. All The Tools You Need to Identify Karmic Stories, Ancestral Wounds, and Inherited Blessings Impacting Your Abundance

Your Ancestors' wounds and wisdom pass from generation to generation. The injuries and traumas are imprinted in your DNA and embedded in the unresolved issues of your Ancestors. Using Ancestral Karmic Story Healing, you can heal generational traumas, and cultural wounds that impact your abundance and mindset easily using rituals, spiritual practices, meditations, and daily prayers.

Release Family Burdens and Claim Your Ancestral Blessings NOW!
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Unhealthy Family Patterns and Wounds Impact Your Abundance

There are eight significant Karmic Stories your Ancestors may have experienced.   Some people feel the effects of all eight, while others may feel the impact of only a few. All of the Karmic Stories impact your abundance mindset, making it difficult to manifest your desires. The first step in the Ancestral StoryClearing Process is identifying the Karmic Stories impacting you and your family.

Identify the Karmic Stories in your family. 


The Eight Karmic Stories Impacting Your Family

Every family lineage has family baggage filled with failings, challenges, secrets, and Karmic Storie. These burdens center around eight Karmic Stories passed down through generations in most families.

Learn how the Karmic Stories impact your family. 


Claim Your Ancestral Blessings

You also have ancestors who lived well, leaving their affairs in order and their relationships reconciled. You have courageous, wise, creative, prosperous, successful, and kind ancestors. Some were even business owners and healers who can help you NOW!

All of your ancestors, the well and the unwell, ultimately hold healing wisdom for you. Your ancestors are much more than spirit guides. 

Your Ancestors are capable and willing to guide you to fulfill your Soul's Purpose and live an extraordinary life. Ancestors who struggled with the same wounds or challenges you now carry in your blood and bones can provide powerful medicine for you. By partnering with them in the "right way," you can enlist their help to clear stagnantly unresolved energies passed down from your unwell ancestors to heal your lineage and free your family line from past and present wounds. 


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You + Ancestral Story Healing Starter-Kit = The first step towards healing unhealthy family patterns and wounds!


The Ancestral StoryClearing workbook will guide you step by step through a process to help you identify your family patterns, burdens, and stories and how they are impacting your life.  You don't need to know your family history to determine your Karmic Stories.

You will receive daily messages to help you begin your clearing process.

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  • Feeling the freedom that comes from no longer carrying the burdens from generations of wounds, historical trauma.

  • Connecting with your wise spiritual team of Ancestors, Guides, and Angels to help you make critical and everyday life decisions anytime you need support.

  • Partnering with your Ancestors to help you align with your divine blueprint to express your Soul's Purpose and live your legacy fully. 



Unlock the abundance in your family lineage. Start Your Ancestral Story Healing Journey Today! 

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A Note From

Dr. MoNique...

I invite you to embark on a spiritual journey to connect with your Ancestors to transform generational wounds, manifest your dreams, and live your legacy.

My mission is to help spiritually rooted women, healers, coaches and spiritual entreprenuers claim their ancestral blessings, heal generational burdens,  and become magical manifestors using the wisdom in their family lineage so they can leave their legacy in the world. 

As an Ancestrally Rooted Healer and Intuitive, I channel your ancestors' stories for guidance and generational trauma healing, clearing the path for joyfully living your Soul's purpose. 

After experiencing the painful loss of several significant family members, my relationship bond with my Ancestors intensified. One night, my Ancestors awakened me and shared a profound message encouraging me to show others how incredible life can be when you call upon your healthy and happy Spirit Elders for guidance. Frequent visits from the Ancestors inspired me to create Ancestral Karmic Story Healing to help others unlock and embody the abundance in their lineage.   I  teach you how to invoke the healing power of your courageous, resilient, wise Ancestors for guidance. Partnering with the Ancestors allows you to Live Happily, Live Abundantly, and Love Deeply.

I want to share with you how amazing life can be when the energy of your Divine Council of Ancestors and Guides surrounds you. Join me in the Ancestrally Rooted Community and begin your relationship with your courageous, healthy, wise Ancestors.

I look forward to you joining us!   

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Here's What Others Are Saying...

Jennifer Urezzio
Founder of Soul Language

I'm so honored to have worked with Monique E Hunt. As a leader, it is hard sometimes to request support and she creates a space of such peace and healing. The wisdom that I received from the ancestors through her was so powerful and provided instant transformation.

Anita Shannon

The healing work that Dr. Monique facilitates and engages in is among the most important work we can do for ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world. I know firsthand how effective acknowledging and healing ancestral trauma can be. While I’ve been blessed with good fortune, it has been her effective and all-encompassing guidance and coaching that allowed me relief of a lot of ‘baggage’ I’d felt spiritually but couldn’t articulate. Her gifts are as profound as she is gracious and kind. I am most thankful for such a soulful connection. My life is exponentially more purposed-filled.