Spirit Guidance 24/7

How to connect with your Spirit Guides for guidance, inspiration and direction!

Join Dr. Monique and her Spirit Guides known as Anturah for a magical journey to connect with your intuition and Spirit.

You have an inner guidance system that is available to you 24/7. What if you always knew without a doubt, the right choice to make, the best action to take and the ideal approach to any problem? Guidance from the higher realms is available to everyone. Your Sprirt Guides want to communicate with you and support you on your life’s journey. They want you to have joy, freedom, success, wealth and happiness. Learning how to ask for Spirit Guidance, hear the answers and then act on the guidance give us the secret to creating a happy and fulfilling life! If you have always wanted guidance from the higher realms of Spirit, and didn’t know how, your time has come.

Working with your Spirit Guides you will: [bullet_list]

  • Access guidance and support on everything from the most philosophical to the most practical requests
  • Discover your true calling and purpose.
  • Create your life from joy rather than struggle.
  • Release relationships that no longer serve you.
  • Move into a career or business that brings you happiness.
  • Experience greater prosperity.
  • Become a more deliberate creator in your life.
  • Learn how to create a successful business.


If you are ready to fulfill your purpose, manifest whatever you want effortlessly and experience authentic happiness, this program was created just for you!

You are destined to live a life filled with pure joy, loving relationships, happiness and prosperity. Why not start today!

Spirit Guidance Workshop Dates

Two-Day Workshop
Session I August 5 and 6 - Sign Up
Session II Sept 9 and 10 - Sign Up

Fee: $325 Limited Time Introductory Offer ($800 Value)

Attract Your Ideal Clients

Create the perfect niche, target your market and create irresistible products!

What will it be like when you can share your services and people just know they need to buy from you?

How will it feel when you are a recognized expert in your field?

What would it look like if you eliminated your fear and were in action in all areas of your business?

If you want to do what you love in a way that is uniquely YOU, earn more money and live an amazing life, the Attract Your Ideal Clients program will take you from a business that is merely surviving to a business which is truly thriving!

Learn how to quickly and easily have more fun in your business and attract more clients! Using spiritual principles and powerful business strategies, you will learn:


  • How to select a unique niche that is a reflection of your life purpose and passion.
  • How to attract and reach the clients you REALLY want to work with.
  • How to use spiritual marketing strategies that will help you attract a stream of clients.
  • How to clarify your unique purpose and passion.
  • How to design products and services your clients can’t live without.
  • How to create a compelling vision for your business.
  • How to have financial freedom.
  • How to design a life you love.


Client Attraction Workshops

Five Classes Per Session
Session I August 2, 16, 30 and Sept. 6 and 20 - Sign Up
Fee: $225

The Success Mindset Workshop

What you believe you achieve. Are you ready to release negative beliefs and fill your life with a success mindset? In the Success Mindset Workshop, I will teach you how to create a success mindset by designing your personal spiritual practice that inspires you to stay focused, energized, happy and ready to attract all that you desire in your business and life.


You will learn how to:

  • Design your personal success mantra
  • Create your personal empowering affirmations
  • Design a spiritual practice that will help you launch your perfect day
  • Create your client attraction mindset
  • Use the Success Mindset program to achieve your goals and experience a deeper sense of peace and happiness
  • Stay focused and in action by releasing negative beliefs and self sabotaging messages
  • Overcome setbacks, challenges and obstacles
  • Use your spiritual practice to stay centered, at peace and inspired


The Success Mindset Workshop is a three week workshop. We meet by telephone once per week for two hours.

Success Mindset Workshops

Three Classes Per Session
Session I July 12, 26 and August 2 - Sign Up
Session 2 August 1, 8, 15 - Sign Up
Fee: $175