Wisdom Circles are a brain exchange for business owners to share information, ideas and feedback in a supportive environment. A Wisdom Circle is like having a personal board of directors and advisors to provide business and life solutions. Wisdom Circles are combination of mastermind and coaching groups with a spiritual and intuitive foundation. The Wisdom Circle begins with a mindset meditation to help access your creativity. As a Business Intuitive, I call upon and invite your master level Spirit Guides to participate and provide you with intuitive insights to share with the group. Wisdom Circles are a place for six to eight intuitive and wise women, with a diversity of life and business experiences just like you, to share creative solutions, resource and advice. Join a community of dynamic businesswomen with a success mindset to move your business and life to new heights! Wisdom Circles are held in-person and online.

Join a Wisdom Circle and…

SHARPEN your business and personal skills

OBTAIN resources, tools and ideas to help you live your dream life

RECEIVE valuable ideas and solutions to your most challenging questions

TEST your business ideas and receive honest feedback

CLARIFY your life and business vision

NETWORK with like-minded entrepreneurs

DEVELOP a success mindset

ENHANCE your intuitive ability

CONNECT with your Spirit Guides

SHARE your wisdom and expertise

SUPPORT others with their business and life challenges

You can ask for help on any topic of your choice. Some of the previous topics include:


  • Business direction
  • Marketing and branding
  • Niche ideas
  • Book, workshop and business titles/names
  • New business ideas
  • Workshop ideas
  • Health issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Weight loss challenges
  • Spiritual development
  • Emotional blocks
  • Parenting challenges
  • Career or work challenges


Wisdom Circle Dates

August 11 - Sign Up
August 31 - Sign Up
September 1 - Sign Up
Fee - $65