Why on Earth Am I Here?

 May 28, 2011
Posted by Dr. Monique

The one big question most of us ask ourselves is “What should I do with my life?” For most people, it is a very difficult question to answer.

What is the purpose of your life?   Don’t know?  Maybe you even feel like you don’t have one?  In her book, “Unstoppable,” Cynthia Kersey writes that a prominent psychologist asked 3000 people, “What have you to live for?”  An amazing 94% answered by saying they had no definite purpose for their lives.  With those results, it is clear why there are so many unhappy people in the world.  We are all born with a purpose for being here – a “calling.”  Your job is to discover your life purpose and get on with the work of living it.  Each soul born into this life experience, even if life is a few short hours or years, has a definite purpose.   For many, the purpose has always been clear, for others, there is very little clarity.  It is never too late to reconnect with your purpose.

In order to connect with your Soul’s purpose, you must be clear about the meaning of “life purpose.”    Many make the mistake of thinking life purpose means having the perfect career or job.  Your purpose isn’t your career.  Your career is one of the tools you can use to manifest your purpose.   You have a global and personal purpose.  Your personal purpose involves a particular characteristic that you are here to develop or enhance, such as patience, compassion or forgiveness.  Your global purpose involves discovering, developing and using your unique talents, gifts and interests to help others and the planet.  Some people have a purpose that affects a few and others have a spiritual contract to help thousands.  Both are important and have an impact on the world.

If you feel you are not walking your life path, your inner self will begin to nudge you.  I call this nudge the Urge of the Soul.  This nudging may take the form of anxiety, stress, and a sense of time urgency or conflict.  If you ignore the inner nudging, you may begin to feel empty, depressed and unfulfilled.   You may begin to blame others and become angry.  Ignoring the nudge can often lead to low self-esteem and unfulfilling life decisions.    The nudge is your soul’s way of saying, “I am urging you to move on, find a new direction and get on with the business of living your life purpose.

Ultimately, your purpose is to discover how to use your unique gifts and talents in the world to create, joy, peace, awareness and harmony.  However, if you are not clear about your life purpose, you will need to take some time to discover your unique gifts and talents before deciding how to use them to change the world.