Walking Your Soul’s Path

 September 11, 2012
Posted by Dr. Monique

walk your soul's path

Walking your path physically and spiritually provides you with the opportunity to learn and grow.

Recently while taking an early morning power walk around the Benicia Yacht Club marina, I noticed a couple digging through a garbage can.  I watched as they searched for recyclables tossed out by the yacht owners.  My first reaction was sadness.  My assumption was due to financial difficulties they were searching for bottles and cans to turn into cash.  I walk in the area often and I’ve never seen them or anyone else rummaging through trash cans.   Many of us are experiencing financial hardship, lack of health insurance and are uncertain of our financial future.  Daily we are bombard with images of people experiencing home foreclosures and job loss.  For me, searching for bottles and cans in a public garbage can represents hardship and struggle.  This couple represents the difficulties that many across the country are facing.  As I continued to walk, I suddenly decided to shift my focus from the sadness of their situation to the beauty of what I was seeing.  Yes, perhaps this couple was financially challenged and hopefully the collection of bottles and cans would help them financially. They were finding a way to change their circumstance, while many others are home complaining and waiting for a “bail out” package.  However, there was an even more global learning. If these items were in the trash can, then they were not being recycled!  This couple was helping the environment by collecting recyclable items that the yacht owners included with their trash!  Unfortunately, there are no recycle collection bins in the area.  This couple was doing all of us a favor!  As I walked away, I sent them silent blessings for peace, abundance, prosperity and gratitude for helping the environment.  This experience reminded me that there is always another perspective.  If you take a moment to see the beauty in the challenge there is always growth.  Take a moment to reflect on your challenges.  Ask yourself, what is the learning and how might I grow from this experience?  It is from this place that you are cooperating with spirit to improve your situation and are able to move forward on your path, physically and spiritually.  I encourage you to take a moment today to learn a lesson as you walk through your day.

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