Dr. Monique E. Hunt

The Village Intuitive

Free Soul Journey Meditations Audios 

Guided meditation audios to help you connect with your Angels, Ancestors and Spirit Guides

Free 7-Day Soul Alignment Journey

Experience a 7-Day Magical Journey to help you live in sync with your soul!  This journey will help you connect with your Spirit Guides for wisdom and guidance.

Special Bonus – Partnering with Your Divine Village – A Private Spiritual Retreat with Dr. Monique – Experience a day-long personal retreat spent clarifying your life purpose with the support of your Spirit Guides and Dr. Monique.  Learn how to connect and partner with your Angels, Ancestors and Spirit Guides for wisdom and guidance with your relationships, career, business, and life purpose.  Start living your Soul’s purpose and surround yourself with a community of people who inspire you to achieve your dreams.  Retreats are by video, phone or in person.  Includes a complimentary membership in Dr. Monique’s monthly program – Journey with Your Divine Village – Partnering with your Angels, Ancestors and Spirit Guides to deepen your relationships and live your purpose($200 savings coupon)

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Allurynn Daugherty


Free “11 Steps for Creating Affirmations Using 11 Principles” Mini eBook
A creative approach to creating affirmations, engaging deep play, re-phrase negative talk and limiting beliefs. http://moonlightliving.weebly.com/village-pearls-specials.html


Special Bonuses-

Creating and Maintaining Sacred Space -A 6-week self-guided eCourse

Learn more about how to clear and maintain your Sacred Space.  In this eCourse you will learn how to invite in the Sacred, tap into your wisdom and awakening your inner knowing. Receive 15% off the full price of the eCourse.
Handmade Eco-friendly Journals
Inspired by the creation of my own Gratitude journals, these Earth-friendly journals are perfect to get you going on your Gratitude practice.  Spiral bound journals with original mixed media art covers made with 100% recycled chipboard and filled with blank 90lb paper. Receive 20% off regular price.
Wild Woman Tribe New Moon Musing ~ your Wild Woman New Moon Solo Journey kit
Receive 20% off your first kit.
Kit includes:
• An introduction to the New Moon Energy, pdf
• An exploration of the current monthly theme, pdf
• A creative visualization MP4 audio created by Chris Maddox founder of the Wild Woman Project, and narrated by Allurynn Daugherty
• A creative ritual

Brenda Pearce


Breakthrough pain/fear/anxiety.  Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy in action. Download an audio that allows this energy to assist you to create relaxation and release of blocks holding you from living fully and freely.  www.yourreikibreakthrough.com

Video – Brenda Pearce sharing a video connection with you today.  Sending many blessings and Reiki breakthroughs to enhance your life through the Body-Mind & Spirit continuum.


Energy Practices:

Brenda Pearce has been able to attune people to Reiki Level One using skype as a virtual classroom.   Brenda has also been very successful assisting clients to clear limiting blocks with the use of the Quick Pulse Technique.   Receive a Free download of Your Reiki Breakthrough.  http://bpearcerai.wix.com/e-factor-specials

Cathy Black


Free ebook -Three Secrets to Breakthrough your Fears & Evolve your Wealth Conscious 

Learn How to Overcome your Internal Struggles and Serve in a Bigger Way

You will learn
*How to increase your income by engaging your feminine energy
*Identify how you are self-sabotaging yourself in your business
*Finally illuminate unreal fear
*Find more Profit’s, Pleasure and Purpose in your business


Charan Surdhar


Free audio training – 4 Secrets to Express the Power in Your DNA and Unleash your Health, Vitality, and Well-Being 


Free fun video training – Bursting the Bubble on Genes  http://youtu.be/leTsDGGUiHI

Dana Rivera


Start Practicing & Mastering Video  – How to Reach, Grow, & Teach Your Online Community with Video

In this free guide you’ll Learn:

  1. The three categories and steps that make up your video strategy.
  2. Ideas for different kinds of videos that fall into each category, so you can pick and choose what videos work for you and your audience.
  3. The tools and best practices for filming each type of video, that makes the process super easy and leaves you with beautiful footage



Special Bonus – Reach Your Online Community: A Vision to Video Strategy Workshop

Are you ready to be a purpose driven entrepreneur with an online community full of dream clients?

Join me for a two-day workshop where we’ll focus on reach and:

  • Learn how to translate your story and message to video so you can create an amazing impact with your free content
  • Create your video funnels for amazing connections, engagement, and ultimately $$
  • Create and streamline your production process with the video technology YOU need (from filming to getting your videos online) that allows you to delegate to your team
  •  Have a plan to repurpose your public video content, so you are leveraging your time

There are both self-study and live options so that you can choose the format that is best for you.  http://bit.ly/reachspiritualpractice

Elizabeth Kipp


Free – One 50-minute session of Ancestral Clearing 

Ancestral Clearing is the process of addressing unresolved blocks and limitation in our life and ancestral lineage, allowing for an opening or clearing in the path to well-being and good health.

To schedule your free session, use the coupon code. 





Dr. Elizabeth Locey


Free – CRYSTALS: The Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon PDF

Dr. Locey shares the crystals that she uses every day to rock her life and business, and why you might like to as well.  It goes deeper into why crystal healing works, and highlights 13 stones (her favorite number) including photos of each one.  Includes a $50 savings code for Dr. Locey’s next CrystalCRUSH class.  http://www.elizabethlocey.com/?p=3624 


Special Bonus – Special Crystal Session 

Do you want to speak to Elizabeth and have her pull crystals for you live on the call from her famous bowl?  You will be blown away by the accuracy of the pull.  She and the stones will tap into something deep within you, and you’ll walk away feeling lighter and more confident.  The value of this call is over $200, but for the Village Pearls community, you are invited to join Elizabeth live on the phone or video conference for only $97.  http://www.elizabethlocey.com/?p=3626

Jennifer Urezzio


Free – Sacred Practice for a Spiritual Renegade – Jennifer Urezzio

How to create a sacred practice that fits who you are will allow you to manifest in a more powerful way, feel peaceful and know that you are safe no matter what challenge is occurring.


Special Bonus – How to unstuck yourself in your creative process

Understand how you create and receive from the sacred practice of creation. The Butterfly Method to align the creative process and bring more balance and Soul into the creative expression. Utilizing the four stages of the Butterfly, you will understand where you are in the creative process and what gets to happen next. http://www.soullanguage.us/butterflyspecial/

Jim Phillips


Free – The 5 Keys to Creating Your Legacy

Free download of my e-book, The 5 Keys to Creating Your Legacy plus an email support system that helps the reader incorporate the 5 keys into their daily life.  The support system is delivered over a 14 day period via mail.  https://kv242.infusionsoft.com/app/form/spiritual-practice

Kevin Smith


Free Creative Health Session 

Start your journey to better health by scheduling a free session to discover one thing you can do today to improve your health.  A limited number of sessions are available.  Email Kevin to schedule your session.  creativehealth101@gmail.com

Kim Wilborn


Free Audio -Live the Magic of Your Life Purpose with the Help of Your Guardian Team

Free – Two Special Guardian Gateway Telesummit Call Replays  

Free replay GG1

Receive Guidance from the Spirits of Nature with Dr. Steve Farmer

Discovering your personal Plant Spirit Ally with Pam Montgomery


Special Bonus – Kim Wilborn’s Guardian Gateway Telesummit I Recordings

This telesummit is a wonderful buffet of calls about different Guardians and Allies, including Dragons, Unicorns, Angels, Faeries, Dolphins, Trees, Plant Spirits, and more.

Package includes 20 one-hour call recordings, plus bonuses, (regularly $127) Sale Price $44!


Novanna E. Hunt


Free Proofing 

Free proofing of one-page double space of 250 words or less.  (Limited number of proofing gifts available.)  www.drmonique.com/Novanna

Paul Hoyt


Free – Awakening Practices eBook, by Paul Hoyt, (Digital version)

An introductory look at the many different opportunities and useful ways to begin and continue to practice Awakening in our daily lives. Click here to download the  Awakening Practices eBook


Special Bonus – The Awakening Game Starter Kit

Price: $97


  • The Levels of Creation Workbook, by Paul Hoyt (digital version)-An interactive program and workbook providing a simple, practical approach for discovering, reconciling, and integrating all the various perspectives of creating and functioning in our daily lives.
  • The Practice of Awakening, 150 Ways to Raise Your Consciousness Whenever You Choose, by Paul Hoyt (digital version) -A collection of over 150 meditations, insights, and poems compiled from first-hand experiences battling fears and real-life situations. Find new ways to choose the wiser and higher approach on your journey of personal and spiritual growth.
  • Fireside Chat with Paul HoytA 15-min phone conversation personally with Paul to look at your current challenge with some new ways to practice Awakening.
  • Awaken Your Business Strategic AssessmentA 45- min conversation with a member of Paul’s team specifically for Awakened Leaders to take a look at any current business challenges, with some new ideas and opportunities for growth and stability.


Shefali Burns


Free -Achieve Your Goals – 4 Week Mini Class & Meditation 


Week 1 – 5-Step Goal Setting System

Week 2 – Upgrade to an Achiever Mindset

Week 3 – Take Control of Your Time

Week 4 – Motivation Make-Over Achieve Your Goal Meditation



Special Bonus – Be Authentic & Create Your Reality 

A special package to help you balance and clear your chakras, to get connected with your higher self, know and feel that you are worthy of love and abundance and begin to be in the flow and manifest what you desire. Move forward in your journey, heal the past and create the future you desire. Tools, processes, energy activations, meditations and more to help you live the life that you truly desire with authenticity.  https://jj136.isrefer.com/go/SPB-SB/moniquehunt/

Tambra Harck


Breath of Love Gift Desc:

Expand your experience of Love with this transmission of the energy of Love. Tambra’s voice guides you through the Breath of Love on mp3. Plus, you’ll receive bonus videos with techniques for how and why this practice works to expand your access to the Energy of Love and how to bring it more fully and consciously into your life.


Atim Kavi

  • Money Secrets of Wildly Successful Women Entrepreneurs
  • What’s Your Dollar Sign ebook
  • Find out what Your Dollar Sign is (for 80% of people it’s different than your sun sign)
  • Free Subscription to Money Horoscopes

Get your gift here: www.MoneyCourage.com/Village