Currency of the Soul

is a Virtual Retreat to Raise
Your Abundance Vibration!




Dr. Monique and Financial Psychologist, Anita Johnson are combining easy and practical money principles with spiritual money wisdom to help you create a flow of abundance.

Your relationship with money, childhood money messages, happiness and self-worth create your abundance set point.


Are you ready to Increase Your Abundance Set Point?


Do you want your Relationships to be a little easier and more fun?


Are you working long and hard to attract a steady flow of clients,
but seeing few results?


Are you tired of having little money to show for your
hard work and effort?


Do you feel like happiness ran out the back door and won’t come back?



I know, I’ve experienced these too!  That is why I invited Financial Psychologist, Anita Johnson to join me for an ultimate Abundance Breakthrough Retreat that combines Spiritual Wisdom and Financial Skills to help you increase your flow of abundance quickly!

Anita PhotoAnita Johnson,  Financial Psychologist and Author of the book,  Money Wisdom for Women will share practical money wisdom and tools to help you shift and transform your relationship with money.

Anita will share:


  • How your relationship with money impacts how much you have and keep

  • The most common abundance blocks and how they impact your flow of money

  • How a spending plan, wish list and an investment account give you financial power

  • How to decrease unhealthy financial habits

bizzcardsLearn how to connect and build a relationship with your Divine Council – Angels, Ancestors and Spirit Guides to raise your happiness frequency, clear your unconscious money blocks and raise your energy vibration to create a more abundant lifestyle.


You will:

  • Experience a guided Soul Journey Meditation to connect with your Spirit Guides for answers to your money, happiness and relationship questions

  • Learn how to increase your Happiness Frequency to receive your flow of abundance

  • Learn an abundance activation that you can do daily to release your abundance blocks

Your relationship with money impacts your health, wealth, well-being, relationships and career. This isn’t a just sit and listen retreat!  Your are going to receive tools to uncover your abundance blocks and shift your mindset to abundant thinking.


You will leave this retreat with spiritual and practical tools to help you attract more clients, improve your health, increase your happiness and create your money flow.

Your Bonus Gift!

When Sacredspacepost3you register today, you will receive a copy of Allurynn Daugherty’s Creating Sacred Space-Spiritual Practice from my book, Spiritual Self-Care – Sacred Practices to Nourish Your Soul.


Allurynn2Allurynn will teach you how to create a sacred space in your home to help you have a deeper connection with your higher guidance and your soul. Her step by step plan for creating a space that invites your Divine Council to join you is amazing.




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