Congratulations for taking your first step to clearing the family stories that are disrupting your happiness!

Ancestral StoryClearing is an advanced healing technique enabling you to energetically travel back into your family’s past to release an unwanted embedded family story allowing you to experience more happiness, health, love, prosperity or more fulfilling relationships. StoryClearing also benefits your descendants.


In this Ancestral StoryClearing program, you will be guided to the Ancestors whose stories might be negatively impacting your life.  During the StoryClearing Wisdom Calls, you will receive Spiritual Practices that will help you release the stories and partner with your Ancestors to bring more joy into your life.


This Ancestral StoryClearing introductory program includes Ancestor Connection and Veneration techniques, a guided meditation and a one- month membership in the Ancestor Wisdom School’s monthly StoryClearing Wisdom Circles

Honoring Your Ancestors – Designing Your Ancestor Altar


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Learn techniques to help you design an Ancestor Altar to welcome guidance from your Elders in the Spirit World.


Forgiveness Healing Prayer and Guided Meditation


The Forgiveness healing prayer is the first step to StoryClearing. The guided meditation will help you connect with your Ancestors daily.

One-month guest membership in the International Ancestor Wisdom School


Two Live Group StoryClearing Wisdom Circles
and a Group Spiritual Practice Circles.


Membership in the private Ancestor Wisdom School Community


Receive guidance from your Ancestors during the LIVE StoryClearing  Wisdom Circles!
Clear family stories that are disrupting your happiness.