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10:00 AM PT (1:00 PM ET)Navigating Stressful WatersGerri Mungin


11:30 AM PT (2:30 PM ET)Joy on Your TermsLila Simmons


12:45 PM PT (3:45 PM ET)Spiritual Self-CareT. Renee Richardson


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Dr. Monique, The International Business Intuitive and Mystic Mentor, teaches entrepreneurs and leaders how to channel their Spirit Guides so that they can be clear and confident about their decisions, grow their business faster and help their clients achieve extraordinary results.


Her clients call her the most sane and “normal” spiritual teacher and channeler they have worked with. She is grounded and able to take what others often consider “woowoo” and turn it into everyday practical strategies that any entrepreneur and leader can use to enhance his/her life, relationships, finances, career and business.


Working with your Spirit Guides gives you access to the right decisions, best actions and direct steps to reach your goals.


Schedule a Complimentary Spirit Guide Chat with Dr. Monique and learn how working with your Spirit Guides can enhance your business and life. During this session Dr. Monique will share with you one technique your Spirit Guides want you to use to receive messages.

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Abundance Meditation – Password: Abundance Now

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Geraldine Mungin – Author & Speaker


Gerri worked for 30 years as a computer programmer and project manager in corporate America. Currently retired, she makes her home in New York City though she’s lived in Northern California, Georgia and North Carolina. In January 2014, Gerri lost her husband of 41 years to a rare cancer and 5 weeks later, her 41 year-old son to complications arising from gran mal seizures.


Her journey through loss and grief has inspired her to look for ways to help others. She is currently working on both a blog and a book on loss and grief. Gerri is a registered yoga teacher and has found community, yoga and meditation to be especially helpful throughout her lifetime and especially through these very difficult and challenging times.


Topic:  Navigating Stressful Waters – The Holidays



Time: 10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET


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Lila Simmons – Healing Artist & Bold-Life Activist


Lila Simmons is a badass healing artist & Bold-Life Activist who’s mission & passion is to support women in healing what hurts so they can stand in their power & live their life on their terms. An avid student/teacher of personal and spiritual development, Lila has been on this path for nearly twenty years and is always thrilled to share her tools for healing with the world. She considers herself the space where wisdom & giggles collide.


Come play at or


Topic:      Joy, On Your Terms


Time:       11:30 AM PT/2:30 PM ET


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Special Gift:

The Golden Light Intention Jam – Set your 2015 intentions with me and receive some golden light healing to release all that didn’t serve you in 2014 during the last new moon of 2014. It’s a POWERFUL time to set intentions. To register, email


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T. Renee Richardson, DD

 T. Renee Richardson, DD, “The AmBadassador of Light

T. Renee Richardson, DD, “The AmBadassador of Light!” author of, “Try This at Home! A Four-Step Guide to Practical Intuitive Development,” as well as a (separate) specialized dating guide for men, is a well respected, professional, potent healer and clairvoyant with over 30 years of experience helping thousands of clients worldwide. She works both via phone and in person, providing a network of support to those experiencing life transitions, such as career change, relocation, retirement, helping people build lives of new vibrancy. Her dedication to her path and her accuracy, compassionate detachment, authenticity, positive attitude and sense of humor have made her a sought after healer recognized worldwide.”


Topic:     Spiritual Self-Care


Time:     12:45 PM PT / 3:45 PM ET


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“Try This at Home! A 4-Step Guide to Practical Intuitive Development,” available as your FREE gift in exchange for your email address. To receive your copy, email: with “Yes, please” in the subject heading. This concise guide supports your continuous process of getting and staying in touch with your intuition, then moving forward in your spiritual awareness.



50% SAVINGS on any customized wholistic healing service package of “The Ultimate Adventure in Awareness!” valued at regular price range from $555 – $4000!!

For more information on package offers, visit: To initiate your package enrollment, email with “I’m Interested” in the subject heading and specify the Special Savings Offer from Soul Journey Sunday Spiritual Retreat with Dr. Monique. Each service package is customized to fit your needs, after a 25-minute complimentary phone consultation crafted to discover exactly how to most potently address those needs. If you could benefit from increased clarity, faster decision-making, stronger confidence, inspiration, motivation, balance, emotional & physical well-being and vibrancy as you make a transition into a new, more joyously vibrant life, act now to schedule your consultation and receive this amazing savings! Offer valid through January 15, 2015


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Allurynn Daugherty- Certified Holistic Life Coach & ARTbundance™ Coach


I am a Certified Holistic Life Coach, Certified ARTbundance™ Coach, Certified Angel Card Reader, and Usui Reiki Master. Aside from the labels, I’m a Creative at heart, Miracle Embracer, Sacred Space Holder, Nature Lover, Alchemical Healing Channel.


Ultimately, all of my work is about helping you connect with your inner healer. I hold Sacred Space in which you can do your own healing. In Sacred Space, you feel safe, nurtured, and loved as you are. Through our Co-Creative Coaching relationship, we use Creativity and Sacred tools, for self-exploration and self-discovery. This allows you to feel emotions, find release, and receive knowledge from within; as you transform Energies, Vibrations, Emotions and Consciousness from one form to another. This promotes alignment, empowering you to achieve your most vibrant juicy life. Art, Journaling, Essential Oils and modalities such as Aromatherapy, Affirmations, Chakra Balancing, Energy Work like Reiki and Energy Clearings, healing with Crystal Jewelry, etc. are some of the Sacred tools we explore to allow you to live an empowered life with Grace and Ease.


Because when we are empowered, we walk in beauty and in love, our inner light shines bright; which leads the way for others, together we can heal this beautiful planet Earth.


 Topic:  Sacred Space


Gift:  Sacred Space ARTsignments –


Special Offer: Creating and Maintaining Sacred Space  

6-week eCourse inviting you to explore some creative and useful ways to infuse your personal space with your own essence, creating a magickal Sacred Space for journaling, meditation, prayer, arting, doing yoga or any other creative outlet that makes you Sparkle! If you have been wondering how to create and maintain a Sacred Space of your own and you are open to exploring what Sacred Space means to you though your own Creative Lens – then this eCourse is for you.  See special code for a savings on this eCourse.


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Twitter: MoonlightMagic

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