Connect with Your Divine Council of

Angel, Ancestors and Spirit Guides!



Dr. MoNique’s Spirit Guides Master Class 

Sundays at 10 AM PT/ 1 PM ET


Every Sunday, Dr. Monique takes you on a guided Soul Journey Meditation to connect with the wisdom and guidance of  your Divine Guidance.


YOUR Spirit Guides and Dr. Monique’s will share Soul Lessons to help you with your SPIRITUAL development and PERSONAL growth.  Learn MEDITATION techniques and tools you can use to have a deeper connection with the spiritual beings that know you best.



Dr. Monique has invited very wise Spiritual Teachers to share with you on the special Super Soul Journey Sundays!


There is NO cost to join the Soul Journey Sunday Community!

All you have to do is enter your name and email below!


You can attend the class in the comfort of your home by phone or internet.


If you are not able to attend the live class, as a member, you will receive access to the replay of each class for seven days!


Enjoy our special WELCOME GIFT  when you become a member of the Soul Journey Sunday Community!

Create a flow of abundance in your life with our Soul Journey MEDITATION on ABUNDANCE mp3!

   Experience a guided meditation and the healing sounds of Crystal Bowls as they cleanse your Chakras and open you to a Flow of ABUNDANCE.


You will also be invited to become a member of the private Soul Journey Sunday Facebook Group!  Our Soul Journey Sunday Spiritual Teachers and Dr. Monique will drop in to answer your questions and share their wisdom.


The doors are open and we are waiting for you

to join us in the Soul Journey Sunday lounge!