12 Powerful Spiritual Activations
and Sacred Practices

to help you:

Connect with Your Spirit Guides  

Live In Sync with Your Soul

Increase Happiness

Manifest Abundance

Experience Fulfilling Relationships 

Create a Thriving Business

Enhance Your

Spiritual Power

 SoulAlignment Breakthrough

Your direct path to happiness, abundance,

career/business success and fulfilling relationships.

Have you tried everything to discover your purpose, earn more money, attract your soulmate, improve your relationships, be happier or create a successful business?



Is Spiritual Development and learning how to connect with your higher guidance on your “goal” list or vision board?


Chances are, you have attended seminars, workshops and events, but nothing seems to work. Maybe you have attended large group programs that left you feeling like you were tossed into a big bowl with others who are struggling too.


These are some of the signs that you may be out of sync with your soul.

I get it.  I’ve been there too.  Connecting with my Spirit Guides and understanding my Soul’s purpose and learning the unique language my soul uses to guide me, changed my life!


Do you want to work with an intuitive who really “gets you,” –  a professional intuitive who can connect you with your Spirit Guides for answers and direction and can help you re-align with your Soul.



I’m Dr. Monique, The Business Intuitive and Spiritual Mentor. I’ve helped 1000s of entrepreneurs, leaders, entertainers, and athletes worldwide connect with the wise guidance that is available to all of us.  You just have to know how to access and use it.




With the help of my Spirit Guides and my client’s Spiritual Helpers,
I teach my clients how to:


Live happier – So they can enjoy an exciting, peaceful,
successful and more purposeful life


Live their Soul’s Purpose


Create fulfilling relationships


Design a thriving career/business

by living in sync with their soul, and connecting with their Spirit Guides, Angels and Ancestor Helpers.  Happiness is a choice and your Soul knows the exact path to your happiness, success, well-being and prosperity, you just have to know how to follow the guidance.


I want to be your mentor and show you how! 



Living in Alignment with Your
Soul Makes Life Easier and Happier!

 The Soul is the “I” that inhabits your body.


The Soul is the spiritual essence of who we really are.


The Soul is a part of us that never dies. It is who we are at our core and it carries the messages and the lessons that we have learned in the past and will carry from this lifetime into the future.


Without the Soul, the body is like a computer without software, a light bulb without electricity or a car with no steering wheel.


A Soul is created in the womb of the spiritual realms where it acquires its purpose, mission and identity.  It is then dispatched to a physical body to learn the lessons that allow it to live out that purpose both in the present and future.


When the body and Soul are aligned, it makes for a magnificent and dynamic combination.


Living in alignment with your Soul is as important to your happiness as food is for your physical survival.



Do you need a SoulAlignment?


When we are in alignment with our Soul, we are easily able to live our purpose, attract new opportunities, enjoy life more, and have more fulfilling relationships.  We are happier.


What happens when I am not aligned with my Soul?


During one of my readings, Spirit Guides shared the side effects of not being in sync with your Soul.


You become physically tired, and sadness, frustration and disappointments occur more often.

You may experience an increase in conflicts with others.

You may feel disconnected or like there is a missing link to your happiness.

You might lack clarity about your purpose.


When your soul and your physical body are not aligned, you are not able to fully achieve the level of success, health, abundance and successful relationships you desire.

Although you may not experience all of these at once, if you are experiencing any of the side effects listed, you are probably out of sync with your Soul and are in need of a SoulAlignment.


How do I become in sync with my Soul?


Over the past year, my Spirit Guides have shared 12 Spiritual Activation techniques with me to help people realign fully with their Soul.  With an investment of 30 minutes a day you can master the Spiritual Activations.


So, what are the side effects of being in alignment with your Soul?


When you and your actions are in alignment with your Soul, you create a Happiness Frequency that results in better relationships, greater abundance, deeper spiritual connections, well-being, joy, wealth, more opportunities and a happier lifestyle.

SoulAlignment & Spiritual Mastery

 24 – Weeks & 12 Powerful Activations

 This  SoulAlignment Breakthrough Course 
will teach you how to connect with your Spirit Guides to live in sync with your Soul! 


How Does the Course Work?


This course combines the power of one-one private session with energetic power of a group program.  This combination is designed to give you direct access to the best information from your Spirit Guides and the spiritual tools you need to be successful.


Every month, we will meet in a private one hour SoulAlignment session.  We will custom design your private sessions to focus on the most challenging areas of your life.


Every two weeks, you will focus on one of the 12 Spiritual Activations. You will receive fun assignments that will take you on a transformational journey.


Every Month, join me for “Happy Hour,” – a group intuitive coaching call to answer your questions.


 On this SoulAlignment and Spiritual Journey you will experience the power of these 12 Spiritual Activations and Sacred Practices! 

995940_621120244574456_352976727_nWorking with You has truly been a gift to me. You have not only helped me to understand what it means to seek guidance from my Spirit Guides, but also what it means to open the door to trusting their loving support and help. Through our journey together I gained the answer to my lifelong question of What Is My Life’s Purpose?! I truly believe that without your encouragement and experience I may never have made this life changing discovery.  You provided me with a caring, open and much valued professional atmosphere that led me in to a loving and supportive relationship with my Spirit Guides. Thank you barely does justice to conveying my deeply heartfelt appreciation for the service that you provided. Thank you SO much!

Many blessings to you!

Teri Clark- Shaman and Spiritual Teacher
Your Ticket to Transformation

11425333_10205604104855207_1467630195_n1. Shift Into the Happiness Frequency

Using powerful activation techniques, we will increase your happiness vibration making it easier for you to live in alignment with your Soul. The result, you will experience random smiles and bursts of joy for no reason.


11414816_10205606499475071_882098366_n3. Ask Your Spirit Guides

Learn how to connect with your Spirit Guides to answer your life, relationship, business, health and money questions using guided meditation, automatic writing and other powerful techniques.




11429885_10205604084974710_372504867_n5. Bounce Away Negative Energy

Become Immune to the Negative Energies of People Around You

Let’s face it, sometimes we experience negative people and events. That person on the job that never has anything nice to say or the client that is always unhappy. Perhaps you are around people who are jealous. Learn how to prevent the negative emotions of others from entering into your energy body.






11418283_10205604084854707_1981687953_n7. Energy Detox – Clearing Negative Residual Energy

We are all energetically connected.  Daily we are exposed to the energy vibrations of others via energetic cords.  Some are positive connections while others may not be.  When we experience conflicts, joy, sadness or challenges with others there is a cord that connects us to each other.  If these connections are  not cut, they can drain your energy, cause health issues and sadness, and they can block your flow of abundance.  Using a simple cord cutting technique you will learn how to permanently sever the cords allowing your energy to remain in the Happiness Frequency.

11419871_10205606499315067_1362503911_n9. Abundance Activations

Increase your abundance vibration with a series of short abundance activations to improve your health, wealth, relationships and career/business.




11324063_10205603971691878_756836535_n11. Energetic Ball of Light

Imagine holding ball of light in the palm of your hands. In this ball you can place your dreams, forgiveness, joy, projects, stress, pain and suffering of others,  and anything you can imagine.  The energy of this ball of light will expand with each blessing that you send as you send this healing ball of energy into the universe.  You can even send this energy to someone’s heart to heal pain, or reduce anger.   You can use your Energetic Ball of Light to heal the planet and bless your projects.

11125505_10205606499355068_1160717014_n2. Live in Sync with Your Soul

Your Soul is ready to guide you to success, abundance and joy.  Guided meditations and activation techniques help you connect and align with your Soul’s mission.




11268025_10205604145296218_259498698_n4. Connect with Your Spiritual Helpers

Your ancestors, angels and spiritual teachers in the spiritual realms are ready to assist you with your business, money challenges, relationship issues and more.  You can call upon them at anytime if you know the right technique. Learn how to channel their guidance.

11248418_10205604084774705_1238934599_o6. Decisions From the Heart

Do you want a reliable tool to help you make critical life decisions?   Muscle testing is a technique this is based on your body’s connection to a higher intelligence on a subtle level.   High energy causes a different response in your muscles than lower energies. Muscle testing allows you to quickly and easily get answers by learning to distinguish these responses. You can ask yourself questions like, “Is he/she the right partner for me?” “Is this the right job for me?” “Is that the right business decision for me?” and get an intuitive pulse on whether the answer is yes or no.  Imagine how this will change the quality of your decisions.

11419729_10205606499595074_1445390906_n8. Your Silent Retreat

Experience the power of silence to enhance your connection with your Soul, Spirit Guides and the Creator. Study your sleeping dreams, create a powerful vision for your future and release toxic energy from your Soul’s DNA.









11356230_10205606499675076_677177299_n10.  Sacred Space

Create the perfect space to connect with your Angels, Ancestors and Spirit Guides.  Your sacred space makes it easier for your Guides to reach you. When you are in  your space, it lets your Guides know that you are open to receiving guidance.  You will learn how to design your space and create an altar.



11335685_10205604127695778_1786604310_n12. Surrendering Burdens and Worries

Sometimes we experience stress, chaos, burdens and worries that block our Happiness Frequency. Learn a release technique that allows you to release the blocks, and stop worrying so that you can creatively resolve your biggest challenges.

I recently attend Dr. Monique Hunt’s 6 week course entitled, “Ask Your Spirit Guides.” Before the course, I had already been iSashan close contact with my spirit guides for over 30 years. The power and value of Dr. Monique’s course for me was how well organized she presented ways to access our Spirit Guides and how to assure safety in making this ephemeral connection. Her Guidance removed any fears that I had about possibly contacting undesired entities. Her supplemental meditations with companion journals provided valuable focuses that supported me becoming more available to connect with my Spirit Guides as well as to take action on the Guidance that I received from them. Dr. Monique is a skilled, confident, trustworthy, and effective teacher. I recommend this course and anything that Dr. Monique offers. ~

Sasha Sabbeth – Entrepreneur’s Intuition And Purpose Soul Coach  http://www.entrepreneursoulcoach.com/

387391_10150524065949704_1616098858_nI’m so glad to see you presenting Cord Cutting to the Soul Journey Sunday community.  One evening years ago, I was explaining to you how exhausted, drained that I feel on days that I have a large number of client need assessments.  There were days that I was so tired I could barely muster the strength to get in the car to drive myself home from the office. You told me that this is common for heart centered entrepreneurs, when we meet with clients we give them all of our energy, but when the meeting is complete the connection doesn’t completely close.  You taught me the Cord Cutting technique, and it immediately worked.  I’ve never felt the even a quarter the amount of exhaust after a day of client meetings.

What I just realized, in typing this testimonial is that that Cord Cutting technique will probably work after my speaking and networking events as well.  Cant wait to try it.

Patrice Williams J.D., CEO 123 Target Marketing www.123targetmarketing.com

SoulAlignment Session

The SoulAlignment Breakthrough Course
Private and Group Sessions:


Monthly Private SoulAlignment Sessions with Dr. Monique – In these sessions we will connect with your Spirit Guides, Angels and Ancestors for guidance in an area of your life. You will receive guidance specific to your journey.  Three – 60 Minute Sessions


Happy Hour with Dr. Monique and Guests – A group Mastermind, Master Class and Intuitive Coaching call to help you resolve challenges in your life, business, career, relationships and more.  All calls are recorded and available for download.  One Call Every Month

The SoulAlignment Breakthrough Course Includes:


24 Weeks – 1 Spiritual Activation Every two weeks


Using the 12 Weekly Spiritual Activations, you will experience a powerful journey that will help you connect with your inner wisdom, Angles, Ancestors, Spirit Guides and your Soul’s purpose and guidance.   Each week you will receive tools, activities and challenges to help you master each activation.  You will have access to the activations for 26 weeks so if you miss a week, no problem you can always go back.

Are you ready to start your journey?  

You can Register Now!


$797 Full Pay Option



$997 (4-Monthly Payments of $249.25 each)


Do you have questions about the course?


Not sure if this course is a right for you?



Lets schedule a SoulAlignment Discovery Session to see if this program is a good fit for you. If not, I will share other resources that might be helpful for your journey.


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