Consult With Your Inner CEO!

You have an inner business expert that is available to you 24/7.

What if you always knew without a doubt, the right choice to make,
the best action to take and the ideal approach to any problem?

Are you searching for answers to these questions?


  • What is my life purpose?
  • What is blocking me from moving forward in my business?
  • Why am I challenged with attracting new clients?
  • Should I be doing something different, better or more?
  • Why is it that nothing I try seems to work out the way I want?
  • What is the best direction for my business?


Connecting with your Spirit Guides for intuitive guidance can provide you with the answers you are seeking!

Hello, I am Dr. Monique, a gifted intuitive and channeler for Spirit Guides. With your permission, your Spirit Guides speak to me or directly through me to you to share valuable information. They are spiritual beings that are in the spirit world supporting you on your life path and with your business. Guidance from the higher realms is available for every human being. Your Sprit Guides want to communicate with you and support you on your life’s journey. They want you to have joy, freedom, success, wealth and happiness. Learning how to ask for Spirit Guidance, hear the answers and then act on the guidance gives us the secret to creating a happy and fulfilling life! If you have always wanted guidance from the higher realms of Spirit, and didn’t know how, your time has come.

Working with your Spirit Guides for intuitive guidance, you now have the opportunity to experience great shifts in your life and business.

Working with your Spirit Guides you can:


  • Access guidance and support on everything from the most philosophical to the most practical requests
  • Gain clarity about your path to business success
  • Release emotional blocks preventing you from being successful in your business
  • Discover your true calling and purpose
  • Create your life from joy rather than struggle
  • Release relationships that no longer serve you
  • Design a business that brings you happiness without compromising what you love the most
  • Experience greater prosperity
  • Become a more deliberate creator in your life
  • Attract more clients
  • Enjoy more fulfilling and joyful relationships


What is an Intuitive Reading?

Intuitive Readings allow your Spirit Guides to communicate with you. The entities guiding you may touch on material, spiritual and emotional issues. The focus is on directing you toward your higher path, life purpose, greater personal fulfillment and business success. Most people walk away with a greater sense of inner peace. Each session allows you to ask your Spirit Guides questions. I suggest you prepare questions in advance and allow for an hour of quiet, undisturbed time. Each session is unique to the person. New and valuable information is revealed from spirit during every intuitive reading.

What an Intuitive Reading is not?

An Intuitive Reading is NOT a psychic reading or prediction. You will not learn about any event that might take place in the future or any disaster that may or may not be happening. None of the information you receive will be bad, scary or cause you fear. Even if you ask, your guides will not give me the answer to communicate to you. I will not share information with you that will cause you fear or anxiety nor will I have this information. Once again, this is not a prediction of your future.

If you are ready to connect with your Spirit Guides and create an amazing life and business:

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