Intuitive Leadership

Always know the best choice to make and the right action to take in any situation!

Whether you lead a company, business, organization, or community group or you are a skilled performer who inspires others, using intuitive leadership will take you beyond the typical leadership techniques – vision, goals, values and strategy into the use of intuitive guidance for accurate and fast decision making, increased creativity, building high performance teams, and becoming a sought after expert in your field.


The Intuitive Leadership Program

As an Intuitive Leader, people naturally want to follow your lead and collaborate with you.

The program is designed to enhance your leadership style with the use of intuition, happiness principles and branding.  You will learn how to use your inner guidance for making better decisions, hiring and recruiting team members, creating a happy environment that is the foundation for productivity and success, and for running your company or organization. 

There are three ways you can start!


The Intuitive Leader Intensive

This 90 day program is designed to help you connect with your inner CEO, trust your inner guidance and follow it!  You will learn the Six Principles for Happiness, and how to align your leadership style with your soul’s purpose.  As a leader, you are an expert in your field.  You will learn how personal and professional branding will help you become a sought after expert in your field.  


You will learn:

How your intuition speaks to you

How to become a recognized expert in your field

The art of intuitive decision making

The Six Happiness Principles that will make you a more effective leader

How to use your intuition to create a high performance team


Ready to start!  Sign up today!


21 Day Intuitive Leader’s Happiness Challenge

This 21 day program will open your channel for higher guidance.  You will learn how to connect with your inner CEO, trust your inner guidance, and increase your happiness vibration.   This program includes audios, the 21 Day Intuitive Leader’s  Happiness Handbook, and membership in the Intuitive Leaders secret Facebook group.  Ready to start?  Sign up here!


Free Intuitive Leadership Strategy Session

These 30 minute private sessions with Dr. Monique are designed to help you identify your intuitive leadership style, and learn more about how developing your intuition can help you become a more effective leader.  In this session you will also determine if the Leadership Intuitive program is a good fit for you.  Schedule your session!