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The Intuitive Leader

Follow and trust your intuition, make better decisions and become an expert in your field. Learn how to use the Six Leadership Happiness Principles to improve productivity, creativity and performance. Join the 21 Day Intuitive Leader’s Happiness Challenge today!

Develop Your Intuition

Successful leaders use their “gut instincts” for business guidance. Learn how to use and trust your intuition for guidance in business, love and life! Get your free “Awaken Your Intuition Now” Kit.

365 Days of Happiness

Happiness is attractive. Once you choose happiness you attract amazing things into your life. Learn how to make happiness a habit in your life even during challenging times. Master the six principles of happiness!

Hire me to Speak!

Engaging, fun and thought provoking presentations have made Dr. Monique a sought after speaker and facilitator on the subjects of Happiness and Intuition. Hire her to speak at your next meeting, event, conference or workshop! See her schedule for a speaking engagement near you!

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