Do any of these resonate with you?

Someone you truly trusted disappointed you and now you don't believe that you will ever be able to trust again

You have painful experiences from past relationships with partners, co-workers, family and friends that have left you feeling alone, frustrated and guarded

Painful experiences from past relationships are always playing in the back of your mind

You don't feel like you can trust your own judgement when it comes to relationships or forgive yourself for past mistakes

You keep attracting the same type of people and getting the same disappointing relationship results

You want to be surrounded by a community of amazing people, but are not sure how


If any of these sound like you than read on!


Your past relationship stories when repeated in your mind or in conversations with others are the blocks that keep you from connecting with your Soulpartners and Soulmate.

Our past relationships are the teachers that help us create deeper and more meaningful relationships. Your relationships serve as the classroom, but just like any class you must learn the lessons to move on to the next class.

The good news is, with the help of your Spirit Guide Council you can master the lessons, release these painful stories from your past relationships and open your heart to attract more fulfilling, supportive, loving and mutually beneficial relationships with co-workers, clients, friends, family and your Soulmate.


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Heal From Your Relationship Stories 

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In this dynamic teleclass you will learn:


How to access the experts in your Spirit Guide Council who are eager to help you heal from your relationship stories

A technique to energetically release the stories that are holding your heart and soul hostage, in order to allow yourself to trust again

How to identify the soul lessons from your past relationships so that you can use them to create more fulfilling and juicy relationships no and in the future

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