Join Dr. Monique and Ancestor Wisdom School teachers for an evening of healing and spiritual enlightenment.  


Transform your life with the support of your Spirit Elders and your Oumas (Grandmothers in the Spirit World). 


Your Ancestors are joyously waiting to support you on your life journey! 

It is their assignment in the Spirit World.


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Ancestors & Abundance: Akashic Truths to Enhance Flow & Joys 

Free Workshop


Monday, March 27

4:00 pm – 5:30 pm PST / 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm EST


Dr. Elizabeth Locey, Oracle, Priestess, and Mythic Midwife will be opening the Akashic a Records of “Ancestors and Abundance” so come with your questions about Generating Abundance in your life, how to leverage the wisdom and guidance of the ancestors and their points of contact.


No personal Records will be opened during this call, but any question about these topics, together or separate, will be entertained. Even the answer to a single question such as “what is the true nature of abundance and what do most humans misunderstand about this energy” could fill an entire semester’s course.


If you have never experienced the pure love frequency of the Akashic Records as channeled by Elizabeth, you are in for a treat. Whether attending live or by replay, you will experience the special high-frequency energy of the Ethereal Archive of All Wisdom.


Before opening the Records, Elizabeth will explain what to expect energetically from the session and any technical questions you have about the Akashic Records.


Be sure to have plenty of water to drink and do not listen while driving!


Your safety and the safety of others matters deeply to us.

Evening of Love with the Ancestors (Replay Available!)

Tuesday, February 14 at 4:00 PM PST


Maelinda Turner, Priestess of Yemaya in the Lucumi/Yoruba Tradition, will be our guest speaker for this special Valentine’s Day workshop. Join us for a special workshop to honor and celebrate the love from our Ancestors.  Maelinda will connect with the Ancestors for spiritual readings and share messages from the African Ancestors.  Maelinda is a Reiki Master, and she has been a professional Tarot Reader for 20 years. She is a world traveler with a private psychotherapy practice in Northern, CA.


The workshop is over.  

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