Attention: Soul-Inspired Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Healers. NOW is the time to align with your purpose and connect with your inner CEO to attract more clients, help more people and to share your unique gifts with the planet!


As a Soul-Inspired Entrepreneur or CEO you are here to serve on a higher more dynamic level. You are being guided to provide your unique services and products to the people who need them most. By following your Inner CEO, you will intuitively know exactly who and where your clients are and how to serve them so that they seek you out for your irresistible products and services.

Your Divine Attraction Map is an intuitive marketing tool that will help you create a business that is “fantabulous.” The Divine Attraction Map is a joint venture between your Spirit, your intuition and incredible marketing strategies.

We will journey into the soul of your business in five easy steps to:

Clarify Your Divine Niche 

Know the people you are here to karmaically serve and support. With the help of Spirit, we will identify the people you are uniquely here to work with and how to reach them. These are the people who have been unknowingly waiting for you and need your service and products.  You will become clear about who they are, where they are located and how to attract them. Even if you are a seasoned entrepreneur, you will be surprised what you learn.

Uncover your Lessons and Release Your Business Wounds

Identify “the ones” that have fought against your attempts to run an astonishing business. Your life story includes wounds, life challenges and successes that serve as life lessons that have prepared you to offer your unique service or products. Your past wounds are teachers that can help you create a more profitable, powerful and successful business.  Learn how to use these wounds as a powerful ally so that you no longer hold yourself  back from the business success you deserve.

Determine Your Soul-Guided Uniqueness

The exact one that your niche is seeking.  Using your Spirit guidance we will uncover the “WOW” in your business offer.  Your unique offer comes from your purpose and we will identify your sweet spot and add your special icing to create a delicious offering that your ideal clients can’t resist. Learn exactly what makes your services YOUnique, what makes them valuable to your niche and expand your audience!

Design Irresistible Services and Products 

 That will draw your ideal clients.  Using your Unique Offer, we will design products, services, and events to keep your clients coming back for more.

 Awaken Your Inner CEO

For divine guidance, direction and assistance in your business. Align your business with your soul’s purpose for greater success, more profit and to help more people.



Where do I start?....One of three ways…..

Design Your Divine Attraction Map – Start your 3-month journey to a more exciting, fulfilling and profitable business.

Divine Guidance Session – Is your business successful, but you want to work on one
particular area of your business? Would you like to design one segment of your
Divine Attraction Map? (60 minutes)

Free Strategy Session – Not sure if we are a good match?  Schedule a free, no obligation strategy session.  (20 minutes)

How do you know if this is the right time to work with me?

You have a sincere desire to make a unique contribution to the world through your professional service-based business, but feel like you are not getting anywhere.

You have a big mission in your heart, but you are not sure how to get it out there.

Your current business is great, but not reaching the levels you intuitively know are possible.

You feel a deep calling to serve a particular group of people, offer a unique service or help more people, but you are not sureexactly how to make it happen.

You’ve had a spiritual awakening and want to turn it into a powerful business.

You’ve attended numerous programs, workshops and seminars, but you are not sure how to apply the information to your business to get the results workshop facilitators often promise.

You are ready to easily take your business to the nextlevel using steps that are simple to implement.

You are ready to schedule a “Free” strategy session with me!

Learn how we can transform and rejuvenate your
business so that you attract your ideal clients!

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