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Awaken Your Inner CEO –
Intuitive Business Reading
60 minutes
Clarify Your Niche
90 minutes
Design Irresistible Services
and Products
90 minutes
Attract Your Ideal Clients Four -
45 minute sessions
Investment $197 $597 $1097

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Awaken Your Inner CEO

As a business intuitive and gifted channeler, I will help you connect with your Spirit Guides and your “Inner CEO” to become clear about your life purpose and passion, discover a new direction for your business, and understand and clear potential blocks. I can teach you how you can align your business with your soul’s purpose to achieve greater financial and personal success. Sessions are 60 minutes and include a complimentary recording of your session. Learn which hot new products and services you should create to attract your perfect clients!

Fee: $197
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Clarify Your Target Market

Work with clients you love, do work you enjoy and get paid what you are worth!

If your business is surviving and you are ready to make it thrive, sign up for your personal 90 minute Clarify Your Target Market Strategy session. Together we will analyze your current business strategies, clarify your purpose and align both to create the perfect niche for your business that will help you drive your target audience to you. Creating a powerful client attraction system that includes identifying your niche allows you to become the expert, the “go-to person” in your field. Using intuitive guidance, marketing and business strategies, we will create a powerful niche for your business, and an effortless client attraction system. Select your niche, become a recognized expert and attract and endless stream of clients.

Fee: $247
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Design Irresistible Products and Services

Create irresistible products and services to allure your target audience. Using your life purpose, passion, and business mission we will create products, services, events and packages to help you keep your ideal clients coming back for more. Establish yourself as the expert in your field and attract more clients! 90 Minutes

Fee: $247
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Attract Your Ideal Clients

Create the perfect niche, and design irresistible products and services!


What will it be like when you can share your services and people just know they need to buy from you?

How will it feel when you are a recognized expert in your field?

What would it look like if you eliminated your fear and were in action in all areas of your business?


If you want to do what you love in a way that is uniquely YOU, earn more money and live an amazing life, the Attract Your Ideal Clients program will take you from a business that is merely surviving to a business which is truly thriving!
Learn how to quickly and easily have more fun in your business and attract more clients!

Using spiritual principles and powerful business strategies, you will learn:


  • How to select a unique niche that is a reflection of your life purpose and passion.
  • How to attract and reach the clients you REALLY want to work with.
  • How to use spiritual marketing strategies that will help you attract a stream of clients.
  • How to clarify your unique purpose and passion.
  • How to design products and services your clients can’t live without.
  • How to create a compelling vision for your business.
  • How to have financial freedom.
  • How to design a life you love.[/bullet_list]

45 Day – Group or Individual Program and Four – 45 Minute Sessions

Fee: $597
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VIP Business Design

Client Attraction and Marketing Strategy Day

In Person with Dr. Monique

If you are ready to rapidly attract new clients and create an extremely profitable business,
spend a day with me and reach your life and business goals!

The Private VIP Program is for you if:


  • You are ready to jump start your success NOW and don’t want to wait for a group program to start.
  • You have a major marketing or business issue you want specific, intensive help with and want to work on right away.
  • You are ready to jump to the next level – six figures or greater and need help designing a business strategy to get there quickly.
  • You need a full strategy session just for your business.



If accepted, we will spend a full day or two days:

  • [bullet_list]
      • Strategizing ways to create and fine tune your niche market
      • Clarifying your life purpose
      • Clearing energy and physical blocks to your success
      • Developing your manifestation mindset
      • Creating custom meditation tools
      • Developing systems for attracting more clients
      • Designing Irresistible products and services


You will have a customized program ready to meet your values, purpose, passion and goals. You will have a marketing plan and business design strategy that is clear and ready to implement. We will work together on your business exclusively, and following our session, you will be ready to take action! We will design your VIP Business Design - Client Attraction and Marketing Strategy and days to help you move forward powerfully!

VIP Day(s) are in person for six-hours per day. We can meet in a location of your choice. Travel expenses extra.

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