October 4, 2015

Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet

As a child, my parents knew I was an old soul, and they unconsciously empowered me to appreciate my gifts with their support an […]

December 5, 2014

Sacred Space ARTsignment™ Three

Sacred Space
Part 3
This is our last ARTsignment™, leading up to our creation of Sacred Space for our Super Soul Journ […]

December 4, 2014

Sacred Space ARTsignment #2

Sacred Space – By Allurynn
 Part 2

Welcome back, how did your exploration of what Sacred Space means to you through w […]

December 3, 2014

Creating Sacred Space with Allurynn Daugherty

Sacred Space
Hello and welcome to some pre-Super Soul Journey Sunday fun!  Where we are going to engage our creativity and do a little self-exploration […]

September 15, 2014

Clicking the Pause Button Before You React

Pausing and taking a deep breath before we
react can shift the energy of the outcome.
Have you had the experience of reacting in a way that was less than ideal […]

March 26, 2014

Mind, Body, Spirit Blog Hop


A Special Welcome to the Village Hearth Community!  We are Blog Hopping!! As a Thank YOU for visiting my blog this week,  I have […]

February 24, 2014

Use A Surrender Box to Release Your Worries and Burdens

A  Surrender Box is a tool that you can use
to let go of your burdens so the universe
can take care of them for you.

There have been times in my life whe […]

February 5, 2014

Signs and Symbols From The Universe


“The universe is always offering signs to help you
on your journey, you just need to
slow down and pay attentio […]

September 30, 2013

Numerology – What does your number say about you?

Numerology – Learn what your Life Path Number says about YOU!
Your life path number (sometimes called destiny) reveals the opportunities and challenges […]

September 19, 2013

Your Soul Lessons – The Wisdom From Conflict

Being in conflict with someone can be disappointing, frustrating and damaging to your relationship.  It can leave you angry, revengeful and wondering, […]