Choose Happiness!

The opposite of Happy isn’t always Unhappy!  Studies have shown that happy people are always open to experiencing more happiness. Happy people choose Happiness as a Lifestyle which means they are  choosing to be happy during the peaceful times and challenges.


Science of Happiness – You are in control!

Scientific research has revealed that 10% of your happiness is based on life circumstances and status. 50% of your happiness is genetic which is called the set point.  This means that if your parents were unhappy then you may have some challenges with staying happy too, but this can be influenced.  The good news is, 40% of your happiness is based on intentional activities and the choices you make!  This means you have 40% control of your happiness to offset or enhance your happiness set point!   When you are in complete control of your 40%, happiness becomes a habit and your life becomes more fulfilling and successful!

Happy or Unhappy, the 365 Days of Inner Happiness program teaches you how to Master the Six Principles of Happiness, giving you the tools to master the 40% of your happiness that you control by choice.

“Successful people aren’t always happy,
but happy people are always successful!”


Happiness is the Fuel for Success!  Yes, we have gotten it all wrong.  Many feel that being successful  automatically makes you happy.  Notice the people in the entertainment world who appear very successful, but participate in destructive activities.


Happy people:

 Are more creative

 Are Healthier

 Experience greater success

 Are more productive

 Overcome adversity better

 Adapt to change quickly

 Are intuitive

 Experience peace during chaos

Ready for a Happiness Makeover?  Would you like to master your 40%?
There are three ways you can start!


365 Days of Inner Happiness –
Mastering the Six Happiness Principles

Are you ready to make Happiness a lifestyle?  This program teaches you how to master the  Six Happiness Principles and use them to make happiness an everyday habit.  You will learn how to experience happiness even during chaos and challenges.  You will clarify which intentional activities create greater success in your life and how to choose them daily.  You will experience an overall feeling of peace.  Step into this six week program and learn how to choose happiness!  Are you ready?  Sign up NOW!


21 Day Happiness Challenge

The 21 Day Happiness Challenge will help you increase your happiness vibration by investing 20 minutes a day for 21 days on intentional happiness activities!  You can start anytime!  This program includes audios, the 21 Day Happiness Handbook, and membership in the 21 Day Happiness Challenge secret group.  Ready to start?  Sign up here!

FREE Secret Facebook Group

Join the “10-10-10” (10 Gratitudes, 10 Affirmations for 10 Days)  Secret Facebook group to raise  your happiness vibration.  Enhance your happiness and become an attraction magnet in 10 days!  Every night for 10 days just before you drift off to sleep, write down 10 Gratitudes and 10 Affirmations.  You will experience amazing transformations in your life, career, business and relationships.  As a bonus you will be happier, healthier, more creative and more productive.  This is a virtual event in the comfort of your bed. Yes, just you, a journal and a pen.  Members of the group receive secrets for making their “10-10-10” a magical experience.  Request to join the group -